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The Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival is a music festival in Las Vegas, USA. Buy SLGJ Cap Dj Music Festival Tour Indie Rock Punk Band Album Embroidery Hat at affordable prices. Pavese Park of Bellaria-Igea Marina (Rn)[map] Festival Punkrock von ferragosto della Romagna. The Punk Rock Holiday has proved once again that it is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world. Find the perfect stock photo of the Rebellion Punk Music Festival.

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Punk Music Rebellion Festival

Two hundred and fifty (250) bands at the expense of the Rebellion Festival, since the late morning of June 6, from the big names of the scene to lesser-known emerging groups. All of them are dedicated to the punk thing and deserve mention, as well as the numerous and colourful audience that came to the event, which is certainly unique in Europe and around the world in terms of scope, duration and programme.

Six venues (Empress Balroom, Arena, Pavillion, Casbah, Almost Acoustic and New Band Stage) for music and the Literary & Poetry Room for interviews and book presentations. All of them are really big (everyone is at least comparable to a mid-size living club) as well as an upper floor sector used for exhibitions of punk, tattoo art and even a banquet for hypnosis and tarot sessions!

Empress Ballroom su tutti. Our rebellion begins with the German Toxpack's punk harcore metall with a rare rage show that we need to dive into the festival's climate. First internship at Empress Ballroom with all due respect to Sick of It All, which enables a fast, precise and highly professional show.

Underneath the podium wild between children and old people and never domi-punk. Great drawn show for Viki Vortex and the Cumshot, which bring down the arena in three cases. Followed by The Business Volume with strong punk oi connotations, followed by a large audience and applause. The evening begins with the eagerly awaited TV Smith and the Bored Teenagers playing in typical Punk 77 styles, but with strong classical melodic openings from Mr Smith's repertoire.

Next comes Rock'n'roll Gypsies on the Arena Theatre, a parallel project by Mat Sargent, bassist of the Chelsea historian. The female voice of the singer Monique Skuyela, who stands well on solid foundations of r'n'r for the excellent performance of the team. The Seguono al Pavillon stages Spunk Volcano and The Eruptions. In Mephisto d'ordinanza Spunk appears and the group spoils him with his punk extravagance to the limit of dementia.

The arena after i The Talks. and a pinch of punk for this Yorkshire combination. Actually one of the groups we enjoyed the most at the festivals. Ramonas Pavilion Scene. Introducing The Good the Bad and The Ugly. Official cover of the Ramones well done, but punk is another thing.

We start in the arena with Contempt: You play hard, fast and pissed off. Poker without compromise! On the Casbah platform, perform the mourning dress. ln une para punkola! The Empress Ballroom with the King Prawns has a completely different atmosphere. We dance and move accompanied by brass and classical guitar in the opening, but there is also a dash of punk, so the combination that comes to mind is immediately that of our very Italian meganoids.

Zuonano Al Pavillion in the second district. That'?s why we decided on the cyanide pills in the arena. ¡Seguono i Subhumans all'Empress Ballroom. The punk's not really deceased. TV Smith al Pavillion staged. Old Mr. Smith, supported by young instrumentalists, delights us with an absolutely awesome show with roots well rooted in the 70s to show that good music never dies!

Empress Ballroom pro lauo oven. They offer a classic UK Punk 77 with bright tones. REZILllos - Pavilion Scene. They are the link between punk and the first new waves they are inspired by. Check - Arena-Platform. Let's get the talismans on the Casbah. Damn - Empress Ballroom. This is obviously a very different volume from the beginnings, but in the picture of the groups seen so far none has shown this ability to change and adapt.

A modern group of punks (??????) - Rock. At the same time as the Damned-Gig on the Casbah-Bühne the Restarts play. Underneath the scene, the Pongo is also the wildest one at the event. Annchequi Band uncompromising. Gang-of-Four - Pavilion Theatre - Wait more than a quarter of an hour on the roadmap and enter with the classic arrogance of a rock star.

Then the music sweeps away the buoyancy of the group ( if always floating ). ¾ new formation. Nevertheless, the band's sound and matrix remain unchanged, or rather, the punk radio, which was so innovative thirty years ago in the formerorama, is still a guarantee for individuality and interest in sounds and messages.

Today, as in the past, the bass is the backbone of Four's music. We close the Friday exhibition with the Sham 69 in the Kaiserballsaal. The singer is now like back then a lean Iggy Pop in Mollton, who through his instrumentalist scholarships increasingly leads to a punk party of irreducible content on stage and outdoors, which precedes our well-deserved rest after ten hours of non-stop music.

Punk Matrix 77 again. We start the third day at Rebellion at 18.00, as we were involved in interviews with TV Smith and Restarts before. Ready to go and here are the guys filling the Empress Ballroom with their 77 punk'n'roll straightaiolo. Razors - Arena-Bühne. Tei Bulldozer suite straight del punk.

Koitus - Kasbah. The name is a program and says everything about the sound of the group. We' d say more dead metal than punk. Empress Ballroom. They plunge into stadium skating, but here at Empress Ballroom the audience is oceanic and the size of the group is proportional, offering not only music but also a respectable stage show.

At Lurkers - Arena stay Anchor Arena platform, again punk'77 again history and tradition of English skirt of the 70s. The punk isituzionale. Accords - Pavilion Scene. Flinstones - Pavilion-Platform. They travel at the speed of light and are positively mentioned in the punk context of rebellion with style, elegance and classic 50's fashion.

As always in afternoon interviews, we enter the place of the celebration for the victims of the circumstances in the Empress Ballroom. Ska punk ska, ska punk. Speed, fun and dance for the first group that we follow on the last day of the rebellion. Cleopatra's Scene - Pavilion. One of the two Italian groups (the other are the Defectives, who play at the same time as the Casbah) that take part in the event.

They suggest to the numerous punks and skins to present their mixture from the 60' s surfgarage. Custom - Empress Ballroom. Go to Torniamo al tema del festival: il punk. Fewer than Jake - Imperial Ballroom. Really involving a Partyband so much they call on stage to dance even the safety that is convinced and amused, as well as all of us, including that after 4 days of interviews, photos, reviews and concerts we are exhausted and treat ourselves to a more relaxed Sunday.

We remember that the rebellion was not only music, but also exhibitions, records, souvenirs, tattoos, punk arts, divided into an arena, which in four days has seen more than 9000 people, the largest exhibition in the world dedicated to punk. We finish our festivals here with hard work, but also with great satisfaction by bringing home a wealth of direct musical experience as well as reviews, records, interviews and above all contacts.

See you at the 2016 edition, which will take place in Blackpool (UK) from 4 to 7 August 2016 and which will feature names of absolute importance to the punk scene in the past and present.

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