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" Yourself To Dance", e la personalmente profetica, "Give Life Back to Music... ". Music Storm Radio.

Dylan, Zeppelin, Punk, Glam, Alt... Billy Sheik and Robbie "Note" Charles are two music producers in Los Angeles, but they..... A webzine for rock, metal, progressive, punk, grunge, alternative music.

Introversive Punk

Distorted guitars, fire, psychedelia, the 90s and Lo-Fi pride: this week's menu is ready. Original music and the blog, which is celebrating itself, announce the launch of the song named lauo sanchiusura. Robert Smith's songs have become crucial for anyone who has the absolute minimum: a beating heart. And behind the kings there is much more great music to discover.

Italy needs the music of this artist. Saturday, 13 April, is the eagerly awaited event for those who love "physical" music.

rock punk hip hop mash-up - red milk

Janette has always wanted to portray people, but unfortunately the drawing was never her strength, so she decides to take the camera in her hand. From 1977 Janette immersed herself in the electric atmosphere of the London punk scene and recorded the most influential bands on the street and behind the stage.

Then, in 1983, she reached the Big Apple, where she was "captured" by the energy of the New York hip-hop scene. So he began to use his camera to document everything he saw. Punk was born in the 1970s in Britain, a predominantly white movement that prefers nervous sounds, characterized by safety pins and anything that can be studded, while hip-hop was launched by a group of African American and Puerto Rican boys from the South Bronx.

Both were born out of a sense of disillusionment and shared the same aesthetic of DIY: Punk rocker pins, hip-hopper Rollex fakes found on Canal Street. Janette wanted to highlight this similarity in her recent solo exhibition "Punk Rock Hi Hop Mash-Up", which was shown last January at the Punctum Gallery at Chelsea College of Arts in London.

SKIN POINTS - Red milk

WE FIND THEM IN BOTH MASS CULTURE AND COUNTER CULTURES. Punk, in its original incarnation of 1970, was born as a strong and furious recreation of the binding appearance. The punks annoy everything, cut and sew the different parts together in a new way. The concept of "unapproved" became the strongest and most enduring aesthetic heritage of punk, probably to its disadvantage.

Born of a mixture of high and low culture, an anarchist Streetstyle that has been transformed to this day in an incredibly stylish way, with the aim of highlighting the most intellectual and artistic side of punk and creating a parallel between the populist aesthetics of do-it-yourself and the most sophisticated individual visions of designers.

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