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List of Punk Music Bands

Imagine altre idee su Metal Music Bands, Music, Backgrounds. McBain's debut album Revenge, here's the track list. The historical Californian punk band, which was created by the. The elements of the journey are Krautrock, Dark Wave, Industrial and Punk. In punk music it's about saying, doing and playing what you want.

Drublic Punk in Italy with the Punk Appointment of Fat Mike from Nofx

For the first time in Italy, punk comes to Drublic Music Festival, the punk-frock event par excellence created by the eccentric spirit of Michael John Burkett, A.K.A. Fat Mike, the guide of NOFX historians. The name Punk In Drublic, derived from the NOFX record of the same name, a milestone in the genre that sold more than a million copies, was released last fall in the United States, where it was an incredible success; what was supposed to be an experiment that was certainly successful became a touring that will shake not only the overseas stages but also those in Europe.

Made Caddies, a unique blend of Reggae, Punk and Scots that has produced an incredible collection of pieces over a career spanning more than twenty years; the legendary LA7, one of the first to give Punk of the early 1990s a purely female connotation; Paladins of the Riot Grrrl movement; godmothers of eternal hits such as 'Pretend We're'Dead', 'Shit List', 'Andres' and 'Fuel My Fire';

Less Than Jake pioneers of overseas ska punk on the crest of the wave for more than twenty years; The Bronx, a long-awaited country resident rock punk from L., are returning to Italy after years of absence to present their latest album "V" released on Cooking Vinyl/ATO Records; Giuda, our proud rock'n'roll who has signed his career with the historic Bringing Heart Records;

Finally, among the girls of Fat Wreck House, the bath cop / bath cop new punk revelation, which last year released the second full-length revelation "Warriors" after they had appeared in several tours for bands such as bath religion, novx, Lagwagon, Propagandhi and many others. The leader of this group of punk rocker, Novx and his creator.

Not only the front man of one of the most popular bands of the American punk scene, Fat Mike, has shown over the years a real willingness to spread the punk faith in many ways. He has sung more than a generation on the notes of real hymns such as "Don't Call Me White" and "Linoleum", founded his own independent label, the Fat Wreck Chords, created a visual and several campaigns of political mobilization... to name but a few of his epic exploits.

A unique event of its kind that brought together the ideals of freedom and independence with good music played live and with maximum power, the Punk in Drublic Music Festival exactly. The respectable punk army Fat Mike, recruited for this special occasion, prepares for the stage of the Magnolia Club and will create a unique evening that will overwhelm the audience in a whirlwind of energy, euphoria and sweat.

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