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Many examples of phrases with "punk movement" - Italian-English dictionary and search engine for millions of translations into Italian. With elegance, communism and punk rock I can easily summarize The Movement with these three words. Main page " Elegy for the Punk Movement. Elegant for the punk movement. Punk movement elegy - ORANGE ROOM (CD).

Oranges Room: Elegy for the Punk Movement

L.O.V.E. The title of the CD refers to punk culture, but the music you hear is far removed from the music produced in England since the 1970s, although a closer analysis reveals some elements of relative promiscuity with the aesthetic that has developed within a movement that has also influenced the other arts and customs and that is interspersed worldwide with a kind of dress and attitude that has influenced the following decades.

On the vibraphone, Pasquale Mirra avoids the role of harmonizer. He merely arranges comments on the discourse of others or takes the initiative to adapt the music to other atmospheres. The Borghini and Scettri are not used to save time or suggest a rhythm. More or less explained in the context of free chamber music, his hits on the skin of the drums suggest the idea of something raw and rolled up, and here they hook themselves to the punk with the simple, hard tone of the top names of the present are all there.

The flute takes on a Threadgillian appearance in "Elegy For The Punk Movement", and after a long introduction to "contemporary" music, Scettri takes care of bringing the piece back to earth and marking the time on the drums. Posthuman Song" only features a "peeling" of Scardino's bass clarinet and a use of Bittolo Bon's hyperblown flute.

The Onanistic Side Of The Train" features sound research with bass clarinet beats and contrasts to the other instruments, while the drummer plays naked and essentially between echoes of Africa and the Thames River. "The " Orange & Wet " is the prerogative, at least initially, of the Borghini arched bass, the Mirra reflexive vibraphone and the Scettri disassembled battery.

Only later did the clarinets and the flute take possession of the field in order to bring the piece back to coordinates close to the European sounds (FMP style) and those of Wadada Leo Smith's productions. It is not possible to create a ranking list of the six musicians, all of which are based on the statements of the conductor, a true prime us among parents, Beppe Scardino.

The three wind instruments are up to the task and have a profound knowledge of everything that happens in today's music, without distinguishing between fences. Suitable for the task of troublemakers or homologues Borghini and Scettri, well suited for the role assigned to them. Pasquale Mirra's work is precious, a truly indispensable adhesive among the other components.

"At the end "Orange Room" presents itself as a real group that mixes well, where the design of the singles harmonizes with the intentions of the collective. And " Easy For The Punk Movement " marks another step in the quality of the discography of Beppe Scardino and its members.

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