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After all, this is the first Arrosti Festival, an event dedicated to local punk rock organised by Arrosti Records and Circolo Arci Il Ghirigoro. On the occasion of Women's Day, here are some examples of female punk, full of courage and genius. Subscribe to the Porno Magazine mailing list. -<font color="#ffff00">

-=https://www.youtube.com/playlist?=- proudly presents ROMANTIC PUNK SANDALO Donna?

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Punk Italano - Rai live broadcast

A rock star of race, but now also a writer and journalist, he was on Set List to talk about his book "Grant & I", dedicated to his colleague and companion in the late Go-Betweens group, who died in 2006. Their story consists of songs and friendship and tells of the parable of a rock'n'roll group from Australia to the heart of ancient Europe.

In addition to Forster's words, you will hear some of the band's hits. To celebrate the 1st of May, Set List broadcast a series of songs on the theme of work. It' a live performance that not only perfectly reproduces the originals, but also offers a bit more.

In fact, this year the group will be dealing with the presentation of the Atom Heart Mother Suites, which Pink Floyd himself has proposed several times on stage and always incompletely, and some songs from "The Final Cut", Roger Waters' last album with the group, which was also never represented by Floyd at all.

Fabio Castaldi, who embodies Roger Waters in the group, talks about it.

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