Punk groups of the 80's

punk-groups of the 80s

BOANARAMA not shirtless GIRL BOY BAND GROUP 80's BOYS TEEN BRAVO. SCOTTY: Scopri idee su 80s punk fashion. Fashion is clothing, piercings, accessories or hair from the punk subculture. Born musically in the 81 playing Punk n Roll with Not Moving, one of the most important Italian bands of the 80s. This is a classic early-period album by one of the big forgotten punk groups from LA in the mid 80s.

Listening to Anthony Rother live is simply impressive of the simplicity and effectiveness with which he manages to mix the electronic sound and energy of a Punk 77 group.

Listening to Anthony Rother live is simply impressive of the simplicity and effectiveness with which he manages to mix the electronic sound and energy of a Punk 77 group. In search of the stations in Rother's history, we must go back to 1998, when he composed his first track, inspired by the works of the cult director John Carpenter: from here the idea that his productions should bring "emotions and statements" comes to his mind.

Afterwards he founded his own label, PS49NET, with which he released remixes of some tracks by Kraftwerk and gained even more visibility in the field of international electro technology. Then he entered the stable of Sven Vath, who is represented in every respect by the renowned company Cocoon Records: the actual consecration takes place when Sven asks him to produce 4 tracks for his record "Contact"... his show is accompanied by just as many important DJs and two bands who open the evening: The PH-ARM project was born in 2009 from the union of four musicians from the Roman scene with different musical backgrounds, who have created a genre with many influences, but in the circle of drums and basses, Dub and Dub.

Discotheque squad, pink is punk, like. In summer 2011 they took part in the programme "Sala Prove", which was broadcast in Rock Tv (Sky -Canale 718) on the occasion of the Heineken Jammin' Festivals Contest 2011 and which in its final phase allowed access to the stage of the Mestre Festivals (VE). The Vortex Club was born from the collaboration of three musicians of the Bologna subterranean scene. machno: drums - dianni placido:didjeridoo - piano and enkson à la enk:macchine.

Born in Turin, his most important means of expression since childhood has been music, rhythm and sounds... his activity as a DJ began in 82 at the age of fifteen.... and already in 83 his name begins to resonate throughout Italy as a pioneer of hip-hop or electro-funk solos.....

2004 his piece "Musica Grande" (Great Music) with the following artists) released with his Altergo Dj Sensei was chosen by Electronic Arts to be included in the soundtrack of the famous video game Fifa 2004 (Pc/Playstation/X-Box/Nintendo GameCube/Nintendo DS), along with such artists as Asian Dub Foundation, Dandy Wharols, Radiohead, Stone Roses, Underworld, Timo Maas, Tosca etc.

He played at major events such as the Montreaux Jazz Festival, P.I.M. (Italian Music Award), Premio Tenco, Match Music Festivals at the Arena di Verona, Nike Events, X-Box Events, ITF Events, various editions of "Love" (New Year's Eve at the Fiera di Roma), Arezzo Wave etc. etc. In 2011 he founded his own music label "The Beat Traveller " and is also an official member of the renowned electronics label Truckstop 76.

In 1999 he founded "Eva Kant dj project", a purely female venture that marks a fundamental milestone and a truly significant experience in the Roman subterranean techno movement, not only in those years. With the new projekt is a series of interesting and concise events where the scene is led exclusively by women, while it always has a diverse audience, we remember the many initiatives shared by the Desease and TechnoMantika.

His music is a mixture of tecno sounds and his style is very direct and clean. Over the years he has shared the stage with names like Ellen Allien, Vitalic, Ivan Smagghe, Motor, Extrawelt, Anthony Rother, Xenia Beliayeva, Max Durante, Franz&Shape......and more...and brought his music to many European cities and even to Japan.

Ms. Loony is one of the founders and organizers of the independent electronic music festival "ELECTRODE" at Forte Prenestino in Rome. Mister3P is the founder together with Nrn of the independent label Truckstop76th and member of the duo Seventysix. His DJ career is now almost twenty years old, born in the legendary movement of the illicit Roman raves of the 90's, where he actively participates as a DJ, sharing the stage with artists such as LAURA GRABB, MUZIK, SOMATIC RESPONSES... as well as an organizer that breathes life into the Ostia Rioters crews and the successful epic rove parties known as Plastic, a signature that leaves an indelible mark in the history of the urban movement behind it.

After participating in some episodes of DIY-Compilations with the project "Audioresistance", he started the Truckstop76 with NRN in 2002. Experience: a record company, which besides the above-mentioned Seventysix releases in the years Max Durante, Stealther, Deka, Daniele Zandry and Valerio Maina, but also cooperates bravely with the "cousins" of the MINIMAL ROME record company, but also with international artists like SNUFF CREW, THE MODEL.

A new musical chapter that immediately stands out with a tone that blends pickle Techno with deep electronic atmospheres, while remaining indifferent to passenger trends, becoming synonymous with attention to their roots and a personal stylistic development towards the future of the dance floor, a recipe that allows the record company to gain recognition from a good piece of the European subterranean scene.

Over the last five years, he has not only played in the DJ (Mr. 3p) and SEVENTYSIX (live) versions, but has also taken part in the artistic management of the Electrode Fest, which takes place every summer as part of Csoa Forte Prenestino and which, over the years, has become one of the biggest events in the capital, attracting a great deal of attention throughout the European electronics scene.

Over the years he shares the stage with several international artists like Anthony Rother, Vitalic, Extrawelt, Acid Junkies, Dexter, Beardyman, Dalek, ZU, Intherference I.F., Snuff Crew, Motor, The Model, Zombie Nation.... and also with big Italian names like Lory D..., This winter he's working on the productions of Trackstop76th Record ings, where he's already'mutely' doing a great collaboration with the Australian label BANG Gangg for another 'split project' with international flair and last but not least there will be traces of FRANZ&SHAPE and ICEONE!

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