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. Is there any other Italian punk group anyone would recommend to ask? Remarkable post-punk groups that predicted this genre and contributed to the development and shaping of the subculture are Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy. A hardcore Italian punk CD compilation I found recently.

Cambridge Punk

Cover of number 5 (March/April 1978) of Chainsaw, a punk fandom released between 1977 and 1984 in Croydon, a city in southern London. In the photo, the user in formation was reduced to three: Drummer Andrew Bor, guitarist Chris Free "Panic" and singer Phil James .

Bassist Pete Bevington is missing (with the group only for a year - 1978 - and then replaced by Rick Tucker). Words from Chris Free Panic, guitarist of the user, interviewed by Chainsaw in March/April 1978 (cover at the beginning of the article). Free, very convinced of his means, he is not wrong.

In Cambridge, the birthplace of his group, there is no real punk scene, he and his companions live in a city of Nordic soul and glam-rock (genres that go 74-75 in nightclubs). And in the rest of Great Britain the situation is not completely different, the (British) punk has not yet broken out of London, because it is worth remembering, when users - in September 1976 - start playing, Sex Pistols only play in London colleges and clubs concerts, at least until the Paris date in the De Chalet Du Lac clubs.

But in the end, even with the "arrival of punk" in 1977, Cambridge is not changing much: if it weren't for Lee Wood's Raw Records label (originally Rawpower Records from an idea of the same users who had considered it a personal record label), we would have no evidence (or almost evidence) for the few punk realities on Cambridgeshire County territory: the first punk realities before A Can of Bees (the first LP "Give It to The Soft Boy's", 1977), The Now and replacements.

User rovviamente. It is Wood himself who is making the Free, James and Bor bands record something by releasing the recordings they made at Spaceward Studios in March 1977 (with only two concerts in the background). Free and his companions grew up musically with Stooges, MC5 and Who's Records, and in 1975 Dr. Feelgood played in Cambridge.

And it is inevitable that users will sound in a certain way: directly and without filters. However, there are only a few concerts that bear witness to this: the group rarely plays concerts without personal instrumentation and does not establish itself nationally. After a second single on Warped Records "Kicks in Style / Dead on Arrival" (1978) the story of the users ends in 1979.

Only in 2008 Bin Liner made commercial use of the group's discography by releasing the collection "Secondary modern 1976-1979", which contained the two singles (obviously), a sleeve of "It's not true" (and it couldn't be otherwise), three unreleased demo tracks much more popular than usual ("Listen", "Now that it's over" and "All I get") and a life song, "Bad Decision", with Robyn Hitchcock (Soft Boys) on bass.

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