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Punk: Check out the upcoming festivals of your favorite genre. But with the same punk rock attitude as always. East Coast Punk Rock Italy. The Nuovi nomi per il festival: Good Riddance, Pup e Masked Intruder. The Rebellion Festival is the largest independent punk / alternative music festival in the world.


Time for first announcements also for the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, England. The first compilation of the band includes, as usual, the best of the best of US punk (Descendents, Doa, Casualties, CJ Ramone, PEARS) and UK punk (Cock Sparrer, Angelic Upstarts, Uk Subs, Penetration, 999, Tv Smith, The Subhumans, Booze & Glory etc.).

We remind you that the 2019 edition of the Rebellion Festival will take place from 1 to 4 August.

A summer of punk festivals all over the world.

A retrospective of summer concerts, including old acquaintances, new recruits and incessant stages, under the roof of circuit pits and pogos. From national borders to states, from the UK after Brexit to German-speaking Europe, a flourishing number of background festivals have been created to attract more and more attention from professionals through quality names and attention to the product sold.

There are now many fixed points, with constantly growing numbers, thanks to a strengthening of the punk scene, which fortunately no longer consists of "loose dogs", but is more and more the result of the need to wipe away the old glories. However, the web has expanded the boundaries of individual knowledge so that you can reach active bands on the other side of the world with a simple click, a photo, a hyperlink, a review or a weet.

Tenth edition, which stands for one of the most incredible and documented festivals of the UK ec scene. Expected from a pre-concert scheduled for July 15 with Blind Authority, Insist and Revulsion as masters, the event will mark the long-awaited arrival of Code Orange and Turnstile, two names now known to those who not only chew abrasive riffs and crowd killing.

The famous title of one of the most revolutionary albums in the history of punk rocking has given birth to the whole gang, led by the most careless and disrespectful bassists in the world: LT7, Caddies Mag, The Bronx, Judas, BadCop/BadCop and of course the creators of immortal anthems like "Don't call me white" and "Linoleum".

Poppy seed and windmills of course, but also one of the longest running festivals in Europe. Holland is preparing to host this great meeting of excellent names again, in a green environment that is perfect for the wildest fun. A ram ready to break through the ear cushions of tens of thousands of spectators, Jera on Action will launch their silver tray bands with absolute coats of arms such as Underoath, Touché Amoré, Modern Life Is War, Knocked Loose, Anti-Flag, Satanic Surfers, Sick of it All, including various bands from listeners who have grown up between Old School Harcore, New Suggestions and Metalcore 00.

Anniversary number 5 for the name, which all lovers ofetalcore, deadcore and surroundings now see as a pleasant anniversary, consisting of breakfast and Mash. The Dissonance Festival is the result of years of organizing lives over the years, and this summer, too, the proposal is extremely tempting: from the revived bleeding from within, to the new interesting discoveries of Crystal Lake, the screen's heavy-core melody, to the Contortionist's own album.

Perhaps not one of the most popular festivals in Europe, but thanks to a line-up that is able to group bands into coordinated tours, in a context that creates a lot of madness on and under the stage, already ready to be talked about. Fourth anniversary of the festival Destroy the Low, interesting underdog, which thanks to the presence of the stainless DSA Commando offers a rich mix of punk, hard-core and hypopop.

To increase the specific weight of the two days, we also think of bands like Slander, Call the Cops, Hobos and Dogs of the Arcades, not to mention First Blaw, Cosanostra and Aear Me Down. Bringing dozens of bands together under one roof, providing help in situations of poverty, strengthening a concrete relationship with people who are dependent on the bare essentials: these are just a few of the reasons that move the non-profit organization Hardcore Help Foundation.

The festival in Halver, Germany, will be just another part of an ongoing campaign in favour of the weakest. In the line-up our Gab de la Vega will also be busy, in addition to the deadly Broken Teeth and A Traitor Like Judas, spearhead of the German melody.

A scene that grinds hits like the USA can only deserve an event of this kind, with names so strong that they make your wrists tremble: Among the 40 bands involved are Citizen, Ceremony, Cold World, Red ting Out, Negative Approach, Lies, Ecostrike and Red Death.

an indelible memory that you carry with you over the years, an army of first-class bands, a deep breath into subterranean culture: Fluff Fest stays in your heart thanks to its suggestion of bands that are always above the average level of summer festivals. Screamo, hardcore, powerviolence, emotion: from Loma Prieta to Ruiner to Geber, Hexis, Monarch, Oak, Majority Rule, Svalbard, in a context strongly linked to the Straight-Edge culture and the contrast to discrimination.

Overseas, at the same time as the Fluff Festival, which begins in the Czech Republic, the return of the event takes place here, in which every hard-core rock group in the world would like to participate. The This Is Hard-core Fest is an initiation rite, an unmissable carousel of bands who refresh the last 30 years of this musical genre, accompanied by the freshness of the hottest news of the moment (such as Vamachara, Mindforce, Regulate and Queensway).

For all fans of the old continent an excellent opportunity to view the leaflet in search of new names to follow in the future. It is the bulwark of punk rocking theme festivals and makes the place its strength, in addition to a number of names that need no introduction.

In the 2018 edition of Punk Rock Holiday, the founding fathers of Bad Religion are at the top of the podium, supported by categories such as Satanic Surfers, Comeback Kid, No Fun At All and Lagwagon. Attention to the seaside venue, with its face-to-face venue with the green (and river) where lesser-known groups will alternate, but already in the launch pad for concerts and upcoming releases.

Since 2004 it offers a concentrate of modern hard-core and names that have written the history of heavy music. Another test of strength for the Ypres Festival, another test of strength for a reality that is now expanding and consolidating year after year, coinciding with the fluctuations of the hc / European scene.

As always able to attract attention, the leaflet mentions names that immediately stand out for fame, history and discography. Summer is coming to an end with one of its flagships consisting of punk skirt under the roof and sand through the holes in the vans. The Bay Fest is a strength that is expected from all fans, magazines, photographers and webzines and is the Punk Rock Holiday of our house.

6 more bands to announce, but already so much concreteness for this event, which plays its cards in the field of metals, Hardcore, Punk and death. Quality headliners, with Igorr, Ensalved and The exploited distributed over the three days of the festival, which will also see The secret among the guests, returned to the surface in the VEHC after the broadcast in May.

The Frantic Fest does its best in a daring, but very interesting and certainly winning Schmelztiegel sound that can only benefit the south of Italy. A breathtaking day for all lovers of hard-core melody, music and punk: the Summerblast Festival shows all its power in Trier's Exhaus, one of the places where the passage of bands of fundamental importance to the recent past of these musical genres took place.

Among the bands at the beginning, the presence of Slope, a group that already attracts the attention of critics with its purely turn-style sounds, should be highlighted. London could not be missing, in the context of this review of summer festivals. The Upsurge Festival closes the summer with the lightness in the cabin and presents itself on the shore with bands of international format like Astroid Boys, Harms Way, Ramallah, Sanction (recently under the patronage of Pure Noise Records), Renounced and Counterparts.

More names come in the three-day openings, but the foundations for an event that tickles like an aperitif at sunset have already been laid.

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