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However, the current was not yet known as punk rock, as the term was born a few years later. It is then determined that the look was "copied" by the already mentioned and lesser known Richard Hell & The Voidoids. The Per tutti era Sid Vicious. The Bassista dei Sex Pistols, icona e martire del punk. Punk was your war against the idiots in the middle-sized white province who destroyed the world.

Between Rebellion and Provocation: Journey into Punk Subculture

Punk subculture is the greatest spectacular phenomenon of rebellion and provocation against society and the bourgeoisie in history (Moore, 2004). Born in England in the second half of the 1970s, the punk movement was so relevant that it influenced many forms of art and cultural aspects of the period, from literature to film.

The adjective "punk" was originally used by music critics to describe the self-produced music of garages that played songs with essential chords and composed violent lyrics. Thus came the punk subculture, which was such a mass phenomenon that some garages bands became real music legends (like Sex Pistols and The Clash).

The punks rejected any form of authoritarianism, culture and social control and presented themselves with a style that violated all fashion cannons. The punk clothing was characterized by torn clothes, necklaces, piercings, tattoos, ridges and colored tufts. No subculture has attempted to detach itself from the landscape taken for granted by normalized forms and to proclaim so much of its illiteracy by driving desecration to such sensational extremes (Hebdige, 1983).

The punks dramatized for them the decadence of England and presented themselves as degenerate, in order to represent the stunted state in which the country found itself. This may explain the success of the punk subculture, which became the voice of an entire generation screaming a whole collection of problems of that time.

But the chaos at every level that brought the punks into English society was only possible because their style was perfectly ordered, consisting of coherent elements that had exact meanings (Hedbige, 1979). This will be the greatest contradiction of the punk subculture, which will nevertheless embody the most spectacular rejection of society that has ever existed.

The punk movement emerged in Italy in the early 80's, developed in the cities of the North and adopted peculiar and local characters very far from the English ideological matrix. The first Italian punks to emulate the British style were not understood much in our country, and above all they did not succeed in establishing themselves as a subcultural phenomenon.

At that time Italy developed its own style: the "Punx", which preferred the subgenre of hard-core punk to classical punk rocking. Not so provocative as the English punks, the punks also came from the poorest and most disadvantaged sections of the population. This subculture of poverty developed in the social centres of Italy (another phenomenon that is specifically ours) and was characterised by its political commitment and its struggles against capitalism.

The Italian 80s punk scene was a point of reference for fans of this subgenre all over the world and is still considered the most important, alongside the Swedish scene (Ventsel, 2008).

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