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The Punk Bands Today

The government problem, negative exchange rates, rise against, SSD and youth of today. Did you do your punk rock homework today? who seems to have given up almost all references to punk rock to focus on what If I Die Today wants to be, a hardcore band. North America and Europe and still play today. Which is why I need it today.

Zebrahead and Waterparks, SUM 41, in Rimini a warm punk night events in Rimini

Grand Music Night Friday, August 31st in the outdoor area of Rimini Fiera, ready to welcome one of the bands symbols of the history of punk rocking world in Sum 41. The wait is over until the group of Deryck Whibley, Dave Brownsound, Tom Thacker, Cone McCaslin and Frank Zummo, who came back after a break in late 2016 with an 13 VOICE CD that marks a real rebirth, is also testified to by the single War tape, in which Whibley burns among the wreckage parts that are the symbols of his past.

The album' s three singles, War precisely, as well as War my Own dead and God safe us all (Death to POP), with more than 15 million viewers on youtube, are the sign of return in the style of SUM 41 with the unmistakable tone that has made them one of the most famous punk bands in the world.

The Zebrahead (live from 20) American group from Orange County in California, have a very personal and extremely funny genre and have been bringing an original punk rapcore to stages all over the world since 1996, the year of their foundation. After initial successes like Waste of Mind and Playmate of the Year and appearances on world and European tours with bands like Green Day, The Offspring, Reel Big Wish and Less Than Jake), they returned in 2005 with their fifth session record entitled Showcast to the World, a huge success due in part to the numerous sales in the first weeks of release.

Waterparks (since 19 live) Houston based group, debut 2015. Awsten, Otto Wood on drums and Geoff Wigington on guitar debut with their unique style that combines hard core and hard core. Since their inception, they have performed as backing bands in several concerts, including All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Sleeping With Sirens and State Champs.

After recording their second Entertainment record, released on 26 January 2018, Waterparks returned to the stage to present the new tracks, which, as the head of the group says, have been written with honesty and openness to others, so that everyone can feel some of the themes they suggest.

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