Punk Bands of the 70s and 80s

70s and 80s punk bands

When the music stopped being just music. Piccadilly Circus Monument, London, early 80s. LifeBa was born from the sound of punk and new wave from the 1980s, inspired by England. Several of the most experimental punk bands of the 1980s were Italian. Classifications: 1970's,: 1980's,: Indie/Alternative Rock,:

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WE ALSO REMIND YOU THAT HERE ON THE WEBSITE ONLY A SMALL PART OF THE RECORDS AVAILABLE FROM OUR SHOP WILL APPEAR (WHERE YOU WILL ALSO FIND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF USED AND COLLECTABLE VINYL). 1976 British Punk-Line () Pre-Pressure! Comp. with their unique 45 rpm + unreleased recording room and lives. -Supereluxe new edition with embossed lettering, insert and coloured vinyl.

  • Other mythical bands of the past ...Detroit '77-84 (only 45 of '79 on credit) and references to PereUbu, Devo, Stranglers, Roxy Music .... collection of unreleased! Great exhumation for this glam (-protopunk) Australian pre-church group.....! Latest copies of the ltd.ed. for the last Plattenladentag.... The first unreleased demo of the German Punk group! Unforgotten reading from the old Cleveland punk scene...!
  • 1978/81 Dutch Punk! Small fundamental piece, which enriches the history of the immense Australian Kim Salmon group... This line-up of pre-scientists and their only 1977 demonstration...! New release for the Australian superkiller punk group, which in the years 77-'78 devastated the local soil more than any other! Very limited number of 100 copies in vinyl verde!!!!!!!!
  • To celebrate the new return of Mr. Chris D and his great FleshEaters, we have recorded a new double vinyl limited record, which was recorded by Steve Berlin, John Doe, Dave Alvin, DJ Bonebrake...!! since its foundation in 1981. Certainly at eye level with the good old days of California punk. Jad Fair's new record, one of his most famous albums.
  • More and more it's time for minimum reissues... The 1979 recorded cassette (then released on vinyl in 1981 by Cherry Red) of the former Urge is re-released on vinyl. Once again the fantastic debut LP of the Belgian punk group ' 77 re-released! With two unreleased'76 and'77 (including the rare "I Don't Wanna Go To Work" recorded in'77 for the sound track of a punk movie called "Punk Kebab"), Pre-Circles (UK Classical Modern Volume ) TEENAGE PUNKER TUNKER PUNKER TUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER TUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER PUNKER....
  • Big Australian punk bands of the first hour, whose origin was connected with that of Babeez. Super limitierte 7" (200 hand-numbered, grey vinyl edition) with a rare, unreleased track of the time + an alternative release of "Nobody Wants Me"! British punk primi'80gia su anagram. Collection of individuals + unpublished 1980-83.
  • Superb limit publication (300 numbered copies on red, black and green vinyl and luxurious folding cover) for this fantastic Australian punk tape from the first wave of 1978 (mentioned in the Inner City Sounds Kultbuch) and which nobody had heard before... Wow! During the Ramones' meetings lasting several days. With this new eight-track vinyl mini-album, the super-limited return of the big powerpop/punkers in very few copies.
  • Finally the second (complete) Californian punks record was re-released. Merge also publishes for the US market the collection of unreleased products, which was already released a few months ago on Bang. -The first classic New Wove Post-PopGroup, now with many unreleased periods + posters. -New band with British punk 70s rarities collections!
  • Shortly after the end of the superfabulous crime, Johnny Strike (recently deceased, sighing!) formed a minimum synthesis-wave-band that follows the style of Suicide, Early Chrome, Factrix, Unit... Great! For the US label dealing with post/punk and minimum wave reissues, a double LP dedicated to our Sicilian group ( but active in Tuscany) that was active from 1979 to the mid 80s, with only unreleased tracks!

Californian punk classics. -Pochissime copy...!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Among the best releases of the moment is the new record of Mr. Andy Human and his followers! A group of people who know how to compose (a very rare dowry today...), not for nothing, are some of the best groups of recent years (Cuts, TimeFlys, SirLordVonRaven).

Punk, garages and powpop mix al top! Ultimate film! -Ultime copy!!!!!!!!!! -Nuovo Singolet for the awesome Pop-Psycho-Freakbeat U kstyle Band from Washington DC! One of the best LP workshops of the last year! Primo LP for this Punk/Rock-Glam-Band del viro Dirty Fences/Velveteen Rabbit. -New, unreleased single (two tracks from the first line-up, end of the 70s!) for the kings of the garages!

His wife, singer Denee Segall (excellent voice!) leads the group and the sounds lie between punk, glam etc..... The first big punk/core tape with two singles. -Ron House Volume! -Nuovo LP for the "nuovi Gizmos" in Bloomington, Indiana! The return of the fabulous R&B group from Detroit!

Big CastleFace volume (around OhSees...) from L.A., now recorded to the new TySegall microbial. -Super limit copies (only 100 numbered copies in vinylic colour!!) for this Australian women's volume between Punk/Garage and glam! Pochissimo copy.... -Another women's record that was rightly included in our ranking 2018.... One of his best records ever!

  • Al quartos albums questa dirt punk/pop-rock bands in Dirtnap da Columbus style! Super limit run (in only 300 numbered copies, with coloured vinyl split + posters, stickers and luxurious, colourful flip comic cover...) for this collection of new songs from the old (middle/late) punk/core Australian bands of Waterfront! Many...discreet British bands don't talk about punk, garages and new waves with a (sometimes irritating) fall patrol, a daring comparison with Sleaford mods and (overall) good attitude.....

Ultimate film, full text! This is a new record for the Mexican female voice Psychy group. The new 2nd LP of the punk/rock garages group with former TroubleMakers and the help of Ohsees C. Woodhouse! -The last record released in December for the cool instro-surf-R&R bands from the early 90s! Ltd.su Vinile. -Per il blac Friday, i primi intediti demos enlla 80s (new)country bande!

Tox copy. -A few copies of the very expensive Pandoras release in vinylic colour, which for the first time on vinylic, sees the first small, big Power-Pop masterpiece (Garage-Punk) of the former Pandoras. The Carolina excellent post/punk group between Devo and PereUbu, with "pop" vein on Psychedelic Furs! -Collection of unreleased songs for one of the best Italian bands of the 80s, influenced by the English psychology of the 60s!

  • Nuova big Australia punk bands con ex borrowed, powder monkeys and red planet rockets. Lp di 300 copy number in vinyl colourato. -Back to the great Beatman with his first record as a duet with the Spanish drummer disguised as a nun...! Great punk/DIY bands (riecheggi di SwellMaps e D.Bicycles...)! -New record!

Japanese mainly female group on the third record (the first one released outside the country and first released on vinyl) with punk/rock garages sounds and influences ranging from Ramones to Heartbreakers, from girls groups'60 to New York dolls! A new second record for the noisy punk group with former ButtholeSurfers (HughBeaumontExperience etc.) KingCoffey, as well as members of Cherubs and SprayPaint.

2nd band of collections of great rare punk and low-fi punk rare tracks from forgotten 45 rpm 90s...! Double LP not only for nostalgic.... 4 of the historic Paisley bands (and to the best 80s bands of all time, I would add....) swap tracks in this double vinyl limit! -New record for the duet Psych-Punk-Garage by Miss Alex White!

  • Ristampa in vinile! The first one collects the best from the 80s, with rarities and unpublished works. The second is a kind of "cover album" containing 4 absolutely unreleased songs! -Limited single with unreleased of the big 60' Ohio garages group! This is a collection of unpublished works from this period! The latest copies of ltd.'s 45-year anniversary CD of RawPower... Contains 9 tracks in unreleased version on LP (alternative and outtakes)!
  • Extensive reprint, full of unreleases and rarities, for one of the masterpieces of English music (). It' time for Moses' great solo record (extended version) to be re-released....! -For the first time on vinyl, double and colored, the first LP demo material of the mythical! -Super -sized US garages 45 indedito '68!

Unknown Chicago based folk psycho rocking group in the mid 70's who released only one self-produced 45. -For the first time on vinyl, double and openable, one of the best comps of the last years...! From the archive of A Square, a small but super shitty Detroit garages record company in the 60s, for which MC5, The Rationals, Prime Movers, Up etc. made their debut.

In March, this collection of unreleased tracks by the legendary American folksinger and songwriter, who is now highly appreciated by Hipstern, will be released...! Extravaganza album with an unpublished and rare (1981-94) English ensemble with people from HenryCow, PassionFodder, God....

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