Punk Bands 2016

2016 Punk Bands

Garages (1996-2005) with Live Meetings 2011 and 2016 Punkrock / Hardcore Melodico Punk Rock Raduno, Bergamo, Italy. What an honor it was to have him with us at the last punk rock Raduno. Buzzer Nationals @ Market Sound (Milano) - 13 giugno 2016. The URL was consulted on 23 March 2016 (archived from the original URL of 21 June 2002). You can also read the Punk Rock Summer Nationals, all for Milano Market Sound 2016.


This summer the Punk Rock Summer Nationals Tour lands in Italy, with descendants, Pennywise and Good Riddanc, who will overwhelm the audience with a cascade of fast and rabid notes. Offspring certainly don't need an introduction: Both Dexter Holland (vocals, guitar), Naodles (guitar), Greg K (bass), Pete Parada (drums) together form one of the most important and enduring bands in the history of Rock and especially the one that liberated punk and project it from mobbing in the mains.

Offspring were founded almost by chance in 1989 after a concert by Social Distortion in California and achieved worldwide success in the 90s, becoming a recording group. To date they have given more than 1100 concerts worldwide, sold more than 40 million records and released 9 albums.

This is the definitive confirmation that OFFRING is one of the most popular bands on the international skirt scene. Unstoppable, descendants go their own way and reveal all their subversive charge by throwing themselves into a fight with the record company that prevents him from making the new record - Cospiracy of One - available for free.

The band doesn't stop and continues to play live and produce albums, experimenting with new sounds like in Splinter and then returning to their punk origins again and again. The last work is "Days Go By" (2012), an Album - to put it in the words of the band - dedicated to the hope of all those who are in trouble due to the current times.

Besides Offspring there will also be Pennywise, a real institution of Californian punk Rock. Pennywise's trademark is a style of music that combines hardcore with the most melodic surfer punk, and lyrics that collect reflections on the political climate, social standing, and the vicissitudes of everyday life.

But it was "About Time", an 1995 released record that gave him his popularity. Since then, Pennywise's activity has continued at the rapid pace of an LP every two years until 2008, when singer Jim Lindberg leaves the group. The third group to enter the stage is Good Riddance, another leading name for heavycore melody, a group that has sold millions of albums while remaining true to the underlying scene and an independent label.

They were founded in the early 90s, and after 7 albums and years of endless touring in 2007, they parted ways and dedicated themselves to their personal projects. Good Riddance's music carries a concrete message, not just ideologies: they don't like to talk about their personal beliefs, but they fight every day to draw attention to the issues that matter most to them.

Music, anger, fun, activism and harsh reality: these are the ingredients of the Punk Rock Summer Nationals, which will make two stops in Italy.

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