Punk Bands 2015

Poker Bands 2015

The URL was consulted on 16 May 2015. Pos on Punk Rock written by tukano79. against prejudice by performing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. DEAD NECK are included in the PunkRock Holiday 2015 Line-Up! Since 2005 The Ponches The Ponches are an Italian punk rock band.

Dirty punk skirts.

And I' m talking to all of you who love the dirtiest and most original kind of punk you can ever hear. Let's talk about the 360 degrees in the San Lorenzo district, a nice bar suitable for concerts with a stage that is in a palm tree from the ground, which leaves you in close contact with the bands that perform and have the opportunity to interact with the audience, especially if it's a punk attitude group.

Volume from Portland, Oregon, the country from which many bands come, some of you already know and love, like Red Fang, Sleater-Kenney, Toxic Holocaust and the big, old and hard pocket Idea, leading punk scene bands, Hardcorestars and Stripes and many other completely unknown to me indian rocks bands, but certainly less unknown for a pseudo-hipster from Pigneto.

But above all, and I say above all, like the BOONIES and one who considers slot one of the hardest punks among the punks, it tells you. As soon as I arrive, I greet the two oncoming friends Darya and Maikela, two hard-core punk Romans who are ubiquitous at every concert, and punk in the capital, who both give me a warm hug.

At the restaurant door is Valerio (everyone will say, "Valerio who?", famous, Valerio Gas Attack), a big boy in the thirties, a perfect cross between a lumberjack, a wrestler and an underground moonlight burner, who has a great taste and a great musical culture, especially when we talk about harcore punk; and in fact it is he who organized this concert mine and is a little tense because of his expectations of the influx of people to the concert.

Not that there were only a few people, absolutely not, the people were there, but many you expected were unfortunately not present because of many other events that were scattered here and there in the capital that evening. According to him it is important to have an affordable entrance to the concerts so that the youngest punks can participate in the evening without problems, as we would have wished in our time in the tender punk age.

The first group to perform is HUMAN RACE, a group formed in 2014 after the dissolution of two key bands from the punk scene in Rome: Silver Cocks and Steaknives. Their front man is Enrico Kybbe, who screams like a madman at the microphone and screams loudly and accompanies the whole group in an effective and Street-Punk'77.

The second group to enter the stage are LEXICON DEVILS, they call themselves American Punk hardcore Romano and not for nothing they are called one of the most scratchy songs of GERMS. Typical of the very first wave of American punk hard-core, this threesome is characterized by a fast and fast rhythm, outlined by the migration of punk sounds to something much more linear, faster and angrier, then defined as American punk hard-core; all this while you eat a plate of calcium and pepper from Albano Lazials Sora Rosa.

Her punk skirt has a lot to offer and brings you back to your teenagers when everything was easier and you tried to do the first tricks on the skateboard. The singer is a kind of hard-core punk version of Iggy Pop, blonde hair slightly long in front of the face and on the forehead, random tattoos and gray T-shirt with Mickey Mouse also with cut sleeves.

The second guitarist, on the other hand, is a kind of metalaro ruff, if you look at his completely dark outfit, his long hair on his neck and a T-shirt from a ruff group whose name I don't remember (sorry, but a bottle of beer costs only 2 Euros). They start playing and their punk'n'roll is heard immediately and I say "roll" not in the sense of rock'n'roll, but of roll/roll, in the sense that it makes you rolling headfirst down a hill, the thrill is that you're afraid of breaking your neck, but you don't give a shit because the rush of the moment is superior.

Real Punk / Rock / Garage / Mayhem from Portland, Oregon.

And congratulations also to Valerio Gas Attack, who managed to lock up 40 years of punk in just one evening; 1977 with HUMAN RACE, the very first 80 with LEXICON DEVILS, the 90 with Twisser and ending with a group that embraces the essence of all these years...... to quote Valerio, concluding with the hint that after all there is only Hardcore Punk.

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