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and gained a solid reputation as one of the wildest and most intense live bands of the scene. Live presentation of the new album exclusively for the province of Rome. open act - NIUTAUN - Punkrock from L'Aquila. The legendary experimental post-punk band, partly from San Francisco, founded by Blaine L. Reininger, Steven Brown, Peter Principle, Luc van.

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Punk rock live with 4 bands at "Jazzercise" in Vicenza Events in Vicenza

On Saturday, February 11th at 8pm, the local "Jazzercise" of Vicenza in the street of Maddalene 37 will present the musical event "Rigo Dritto Party" with live concerts of Punk with the bands "The Vaseliners", "Rising Over", "Mr. Day" and "Orangewig". Biography of "The Vaseliners": a punk group from Vicenza that was founded in 2012 at Montecchio Maggiore and consists of 5 members: Albe (vocals), Gian (guitar), Roccia (guitar), Save and Miki (drums).

They have a classic style for fans of bands like Screeching Weasel, Queers, Apers, and their sounds are completely dedicated to the 90s. Biography of "Rising Over": Padua Band of Alternative Rock/Pop Punk/Post Harcore, founded in January 2012 and consisting of 4 members: David Babetto (guitar and vocals), Andrea Menegazzo (bass, vocals and synth), Riccardo Scattolin (guitar), Giacomo Guarato (drums).

Mr. Day" Biogafia: a band from Vicenza, based on Punkrock/Pop-Punk/Post-Hardcore, founded in 2010 and consisting of 4 members: Tommaso (vocals and guitar), Antonio (bass and second voice), Diego (guitar), Stefano (drums). Originally the group was called "Punkh" and wrote their own songs and took part in some competitions like the Altichiero and Vicenza contests.

After a deep reflection they decided to revolutionize everything and so the "Mr. Day" were born with a pop-punk and post-hardcore genre they like to call "Magnagati-Core" just to sign in their genre a musicality from Vicenza. Biography of "Orangewig": a group from Vicenza of Pop-Punk/Skate Punk, founded in 2013 and consisting of 4 members: Jude Oduro (vocals), Simone Mattiello (guitar and second voice), Marco Fongaro (bass), Fabio Nicoletti (drums).

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A punk/rock band that alternates between melodic and captivating energetic live performances will play the songs from their album "some delicious noise" released in June 2008, followed by an intense live activity. Thus opens the first official full length of the Calafuria brothers, WITHOUT TITLE "OF THE FREGARS OF EVERYTHING AND NOT OF THE FREGARS OF A DINGES".

The Milan based group has been active in the northern Italian underground for several years, with two self-produced publications and an enviable series of live shows. The three play a powerful, direct and square rock/punk with a really out-of-the-box attitude. After a very intense and happy year 2008, PORNO RIVISTE returns to the stages of the big Italian clubs in spring to offer all their fans a long awaited show:

The GREATEST TOUR 2009, which proposes a list of songs that have not been performed live for several years to fish for all the songs that have made the PORNO RIVISTE famous in their ten-year career and that have become true hymns of generations, creating an unforgettable event for all old and new supporters who continue to show their great love to the band.

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