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Rummage through the best Italian punk albums to find new music and discover artists. musicisti post-punk - album post-punk - EP post-punk - Singoli post-punk - album video post-punk. All Tetra Punk albums and singles: listen to and download all tracks. First Ligabue also with the album "START" - Friends, Ricky Martin is the first artistic director of the evening, the theme "Family Life" was developed here during the whole album and creates a real concept album.

~I 50 migration albums pop-punk (50-30) ~

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong declared war on punk in a 2016 TV game. Oh be punk, o non lo be". From the big losers of the 70's (Buzzcocks, Undertones) to the 80's hard-core heroes (Misfits, Descendents) to the hitmakers of the 90's (Green Day, Blink-182) and beyond, punk bands have always shown great writing skills besides their anti-authoritarian position.

And the punk's emphasis on speed, conciseness and simplicity of the three chords naturally goes hand in hand with the basic values of pop. Over the years, what we know today as punk has changed rapidly and evolved with time and fashion. Like New Wave and Collegiate rock, great acts like shka, rapp, emo and even boys and boys have been incorporated into the mixture, but one thing has remained constant: punk is for boys, or at least for those who still feel youthful.

She is in OC and One Tree Hill, the teen suap operas of contemporary skirt. The first traces of extraordinary groups like Blink-182, Simple Plan, Sum-41 and, yes, Green Day always spoke of a blocked development, a persistent desire never to grow. "The whole spectrum of human experience, all the desire and insecurity, are perfectly summarized in these formative years," wrote Amanda Petrusich of the New Yorker in 2016 about the power of youthful emotions thinking about the return of Blink-182.

"That'?s where pop-punk lives. To celebrate this long-lasting and popular movement, we count the fifty best pop-punk albums in history. From Buzzcocks to the 5 seconds of summer, here's the new punk canon. Long before the transition to bluesy and fatal bands like Kills and Dead Weather, Alison Mosshart reigned as a discounted vocalist during her six years with discounts.

The original Vero Beach group did one of their first works for the successful label Fueled by Ramen; the musicians hadn't graduated from high school yet when they became a cornerstone of Florida's pop punk heritage. The sequel to their glittering 1996 debut, Ataxia's Alright Tonight, Half Fiction, is a delightfully good confessional work, praised by New Found guitarist Glory Chad Gilbert as "an enormous influence on ourselves compared to West Coast Punk.

Written at Sunset of Puberty - after the group had already toured with J Church and Less Than Jake - Jangle pieces like Clap and Cough and Pocket Bomb were cut, glued and sewn so that they could trigger a cinematic journey through Aaron Cometbus after being filtered through a pile of Marshall.

As Mosshart told Lenny in 2016, "When I was thirteen years old, the kids I skated with thought fuck, let's get some tools and start a tape because that's what you do when you're a skinboarder. HEN RVIVRs do not necessarily evoke the sounds of their fellow citizens (Olympia, Washington) Bikini Kill, but these impetuous feminist punks reflect the spirit of the Riot Grrrl movement, which is able to be muscular and avoid machismo altogether.

The tense and alternating vocals between Erica Freas and Mattie Jo Canino - another popular pop-punk group, Latterman of Long Islands - give rise to choirs singing about finding something to believe in ("Old Friend, Hold on/If Nothing than to This Song", M. With their namesake debut, the 5 Seconds of Summer presented themselves as a perfect connection between a boysband and a rockband, achieving what many punk bands have always aspired to without ever being completely successful.

Consider the 5SOS the politically most correct sons of Blink 182 and one of the few bands on this list to write about high school punishment (Good Girls, Social Casualty, End Up Here, virtually every other song on 5 Seconds of Summer) from an authentic teenage perspective. M. S. We spent the first years of Joyce Manor oscillating between furious punk and hyper-emotional pop.

"The first thing we did was pull pop-punk with the desire to be hard-core, and we did," said singer and guitarist Barry Johnson on L.A. Record after the release of the band's third record, Never Hungover Again. "It gave us the confidence to focus on more popular music, so we lacked the courage to write real popular songs first, for better or for worse.

Here the Joyce Manor has blunted the edges of her songs, let the melodies breathe and made room for the hooks to hit the belly. Johnson's thoughtful screams and sensitive lyrics about youth mistakes (Heart Tattoo) and post-adolescent malaise (Catalina Struggle Song) have helped turn Never Hungover Again into a pop-punk record where even pop-punk-haters can find a form of joy.

L.G. "This song is dedicated to every child who has ever been targeted in gymnastics," begins Little Things, the first track on the Good Charlotte album of the same name. The intro is the thesis that applies to the entire album: fourteen tracks for the losers, the loser-children, for anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving his small town.

Well Charlotte is a record that knows teenagers need pop-punk; most of the songs take place in the corridors of the school where the four friends met. "When we recorded our first record, I was in high school in my last year," guitarist Billy Martin remembered once.

"and this record was so simple." P.V. After the clever front man of Descendents, Milo Aukerman, finally concentrated on science instead of punk in 1987, the remaining members changed their name to All - the title of the latest LP by Descendents from the 80s - and tried again.

"We all knew that All the Volume is guilty of not being the offspring," ironized drummer-composer Bill Stevenson in the documentary about Descendents/All, Filmage from 2014. Featuring songs like Original Me and Right, the group has combined all the energy of the trench neck and the growing melody of the Descendents from their best side with a robust load of rocker.

And in brutally cathartic tracks like Guilty and Birthday I.O.U. they replaced the teenage wish of the old group with a more adult kind of concern. Other good All Records followed in the following years - including a full length on Maior, 1995 Pummel - but Breakaking Things remains a climax for this brilliant and underrated group who lived in the shadow of the Milo myth.

"More girls should play rock," Dalle said in 2002 to Safety Pin Girl, "and not preach that they are women. Have a fearless group like the Distillers in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 write a song about the Seneca Falls Convention, or extract gold from L.A.'s rugged undergrowth in City of Angels.

What makes Blue Skies special is the true and blunt sentimentality of its content, songs that are so tender that they overlook the youth of This Is the Last song that I will ever be writing about a girl. H.E. When NOFX's Punk in Drublic is the butterfly of an unconscious Punkabestia on a park bench, Lagwagon's melodic punk masterpiece Let's Speak About Feelings is his sensitive little brother distributing flyers to find missing persons.

Throughout the album, very sharp riffs and rhythms complete the dry feeling of Cape, a mix that the Californian group perfected on 16 May and which tells the story of Cape uninvited of a friend's wedding. It would become the band's most popular song, later included in Tony Hawks Pro-Skater 2, which would consolidate the feeling of being the gateway to Fat Wreck Chords' opera.

"They really started to get tired of the pointless image of rock we seemed to have," Cape Noisey said in 2014. For Campbell and his group, overcoming this mindset was tantamount to proudly presenting their Philadelphia suburb education and their deep affection for the sugary punk of their youth - the dense euphoria of the Motion City soundtrack, the melodic bang of Starting Line, the overloaded hooks of Blink 182 - in this 2013 record.

Songs like the muscular We Could The Like This make growing up in areas with well-kept lawns seem like a source of pride. With their fourth record, Bouncing Souls have optimized the nervous drive of their previous record into clean, cathartic songs that still capture the confused joy of a concert in the basement.

In Bullying the Jukebox, these New Brunswick New Jersey neighbor heroes describe their punk ethic to everyone when they say they fill a play list with "punk songs and jubilee/love songs about girls and boys/metal songs and English stuff/and some hard-core songs to make us feel hard".

L.G. There was a time before Green Day exploded, and long before Ben Weasel used Twitter to express his politically wrong opinions or violently attack women in his shows, when you couldn't go to a punk concert without seeing the screaming weasel emblem tattooed on at least one arm in the audience.

There was also a time when everyone wanted to try to balance the growling and speed of the tape, including Blink 182, who played Screeching Weasel covers in their days before glory. The Ramones -influenced sounds that would have influenced a thousand imitators-are fully reflected on the band's third LP, My Brain Hurts.

J.D. Apparently the strings were just the last piece of the pop-punk jigsaw as Yellowcard's violinist Sean Mackin proves, enriching tracks like Only One and Twentythree with cinematic drama. In Jacksonville, Florida, the band's fourth record has entered directly into the teen heart of early 2000 punk popular music, focusing on endless nights and the intense beauty of teen love, and remains forever young, themes that have helped make a classic single from the Ocean Avenue arenas.

"It' s funny that it was Ocean Avenue that put the focus on the band," singer Ryan Key said in a 2012 interview. Instead, the group had absorbed the lesson of Phil Spector, Brill Building and Ramones by singing about love break-ups (Get Over You) and sexual frustration (Girls Don't Like It) with new wavehooks that made their friendszone anthems both melancholic and funny, linking the dots between Jonathan Richman and the offspring.

The I can't get no satisfaction Rock Track, Teenage Kicks, has become a modern classic that is covered by everyone from Green Day to One Direction. In their second record, Save the Day singer-composer Chris Conley and the rest of his longtime clique in Princeton, New Jersey, perfected their heartbreaking approach (or, as in Rocks Tonic Juice Magic?, from the heart thrown to the ground) to pop-punk.

"The record has a lot of melancholy that would fade in the next few years. But the songs are all very emotional, full of life". P.V. In 1993, Bad Religion, the grandparents of Southern California punk, slowed down and diversified their sounds, and it was up to a new generation to take over the baton. Her second long-term work, Unknown Road, synthesizes a particular kind of West Coast pop-punk album from the 1990s, enlivened by a series of pro-shat and almost thrash-like riffs and a sophisticated post-youth optimism that stems directly from the ethos of Bad Brains' Positive Mental Attitude.

"The " Citys is Bringing ", about the riots in Los Angeles, the nonconformist cry of the theme song and " Little to Know ", where big questions are asked, strongly recall the most authentic chapter of punk before the rise of Green Day drove the genre in a more frivolous direction. "Although we are an easy target for cynics, I don't think there are enough bands to convey important messages.

The New Jersey Ergs! threesome recorded their debut with low expectations: "It was like'Let's try to do this thing' to us," said Mike Yannich, aka Mikey Erg, drummer singer of New Jersey Nov. "There was no justification, only the bands make albums, we make an album."

Despite their cunning attitude, the group has made an urgent, contagious pop-punk trip de Force, the kind of record that makes you rest while screaming for love penis. However, the record never deviates from its fast and melodic roots and helps to consolidate the band's cult status among the believers of punk music.

The teen comedy booming in the late 1990s and early 2000s helped bring popular punk to a wider audience, and Canadian band Simpler Plan shone with fast, catchy and sweet songs that resembled the scenes they played in soundtracks like The New Guy, The Hot Chick and confessions of a teenage drama Queen.

"As long as I live, I promise not to change so that you better give up / I don't want to be told that I should become an adult," sings Pierre Bouvier in the piece entitled Growing Up, which also harmonizes Good Charlotte, Sum-41, Blink-182 and MxPx. Besides the pop-punk impression of the album Easy Plan even profited from the vocal participation of Mark Hoppus from Blink and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte on some tracks.

Lifetime's third record mixed the world of hardcore and pop-punk as if it were the most natural thing in the world. L.G. "Tsunami Bomb happened at a time when there was a lot of punk," remembered singer Emily "Agent M" Whitehurst in 2015, "but the number of female singers in this genre was rather low.

If you think about it now, the composition of the Bay Area Band was an anomaly in the genre, but the songs of Tsunami Bomb were even more extraordinary: melodic ups and downs, amplified by Whitehurst's incletions of sweet and jazzy. Inspired by the brutal sounds of the Youth Crew and the ethos of the 1980s, the intense debut of the Tsunami bomb is aimed not at youthful recklessness but at the cost of their falls: "Independence doesn't begin when you leave home," Whitehurst sings in Take the Reins, inviting aging punks to "be what you become, not what you were" in 20 Going On.

HES: AFI's fifth session came on the Billboard 200 and allowed the Bay Area based artist to enter the field of music.

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