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Explore the most popular artists with Punk Day 77 and find new music. Ramones Punk 77' Pintore Marco Zuanelli. Enjoy the best punk'77 shows. In 1977 I was 25 years old, so not really a little boy with the first hair, still occupied by artists whose punk would have made tabula rasa shortly afterwards. Read The Fialky's full text Punk 77 from the Pr?

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The Sex Pistols were one of the most influential UK punk groups and a great icon of the 77th punk wave. It is a UK punk/punk 77 group that was founded in 1975 in Ipswich, Suffolk. Born in Manchester in the first half of 1976, they are a pop punk/ritish punk band that is still active today.

The 999 are an English punk group that was founded in 1976 and is still involved in several concerts. UK Subs ("Subs" the abbreviation for Suburbs) is a punk band founded in London in 1976. There is no available viki yet..... Sham 69 is a UK music group of the UK Punk, Punk 77 and Oi! genres, whose founders they are considered.

was a punk rocking group that was founded in 1976. They belonged to the different punk bands of that time to record for a large one. There is no available viki yet..... Undertones is a punk rocking group born in 1975 in Derry, Northern Ireland. There is no available viki yet.....

Toy Dolls is an Oi band founded in 1979 in Sunderland, England. There is no available viki yet..... There is no available viki yet.....


1977: London in flames, irretrievably "disturbed" by the punk "no future" of Sex Pistols, Clash, Damned, Buzzcocks, Stranglers..... 2007: the extraordinary "Bath of Youth" that the punk bands have subjected to Rock & Roll is confirmed on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of their first hikes by this excellent initiative of the Three Agreements Rec./ Self, realized under the spiritual and practical patronage of Punkadeka, the most important and deepened Italian punk site.

Twenty-three qualified and consumed Italian punk bands exploded especially in the 90s, covering basic anthems or slightly less than the decisive year (with few exceptions), with great personality, new energy and above all enthusiasm. If you listen to songs like "Holiday In The Sun", "Neat Neat Neat", "Garageland", "Los Angeles" again, you will understand how this virgin and synthetic energy, which is really desecrated, was partly lost in the following decades, in heavy and pedantic hard-core recrudences and useless subgenres.

This pleasing tribute collection reminds me at that time that in those years in England as in America punk (marked with retrospective "human punk") did not necessarily mean the absolute denial of the transversal melody (buzzcocks, adverts, vibrators...). But it was above all a return (preceded by the "proletarian" and publication predecessor ) to the essence and purity of rock & roll, magazines with the adrenalin of youth frustration (...1-2-3-4) and nihilistic optics of the up-coming.

Therefore the compilers did well to record covers of New York Dolls ("Vietnamese Baby") and cramps ("Lonesome Town"). The magazine included on the CD provides a comprehensive and comprehensive overview of the Italian punk bands involved and three articles about the event signed by Federico Guglielmi, Stefano Gilardino and Marco Philopat. I would like to express a special preference for "Vietnamese Baby"/New York Dolls (Thee STP), "Neat Neat Neat Neat"/Damned (Mudlarks), "Suzy Is A Headbanger"/Ramones (Senzabenza), "Los Angeles"/X (Sorelle Kraus), "Automatic Lover"/Vibrators /(Super Sex Boy),

"Advertisements" (Valentines), "Holidays In The Sun"/ Sex Pistols (Tommi and the honest citizens), "Action Time Vision"/ Alternative Tv (Club27), "Garageland"/ Clash (Klaxon), "Victims Of The Vampire"/ Slaughter & The Dogs (Taxi) without affecting the courage and passion of the other bands. But then punk was born in England?

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