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with the foundation, after the alleged declaration of Queen Elizabeth II that she would officially call 2016 "the year of punk". Written on 09 October 2016. Almost fluid, contemporary and high-contrast punk picture. 5555, e una frase presente alla riga 90: "WAKE DATE 2016-10-27".

Tavijn Cascina Vino Rosso G Punk 2016 Cascina Tavijn Tavijn

A young and modest winemaker, Nadia Verrua is located in Scurzolengo on the hills of Monferrato in the province of Asti. Since 1908 her family has been cultivating the vineyard and producing wine for family consumption and mass sale. Today the vineyard area covers 5 hectares with vineyards that are 5 to 15 years old, complemented by a good production of hazelnuts, typical of Monferrato.

In 1998 Nadia, supported by her father Ottovio, decided to bottle and sell the wine under the name of Cascina Tavijn, which is an indication of a modest farmhouse in Piedmont. Like you, your wines are elegant and discreet, at first they may seem introverted and a little closed, but if you know more about them or have a little patience, open them up with a surprising character and freshness.

Punk Inspiration for Autumn 2016

And punk is an English term that means bad quality, cheap. It was historically born in the mid-seventies in the United States, but in Great Britain in particular it develops mainly from the point of view of appearance. Around the store "Sex" by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, the volume of sex Pistols, the carrier of the movement, was formed.

The punk in Great Britain, which ended at the end of August in the Carla Sozzani Gallery, showed the spirit of the times on the occasion of its 40th anniversary: first it was a glimpse, then the rest, until it broke out into the phenomenon. In 2013, Met of NY organized the exhibition Punk: Chaos to Couture, a tribute to this unconventional and rebellious spirit.

2016 Punk: le pager. Discoveries, confirmations and disappointments include, but are not limited to

Unlike 2015, a rather quiet year for the world of punk rock, 2016 is (not yet over) full of surprises. This means not only new groups within the scene, but also artists who reaffirm their qualities or others who instead retain their qualities.

Apart from that there is Vox's report 2016 about Punk Rock here. Looking through the web you will find many artists, from pop-punk to hardcore, who are very good in melodies as well as in lyrics. I would like to focus in particular on an American melodic hardcore group, PEARS. Their record career began in 2015 with the release of Go To Prison, in which they already dictated the basics of their music policy: a classic hardcore punk with rhythm changes, especially raw sounds, and the voice of the front man changing between Clean and Screamo (who remembers Dennis Lyxzèn of Refused in the distance).

In 2016 comes the second full-length Green Star. Sounds are always the same as the Melodic Hardcore, but more accurate and less raw than the previous one. The vocal characteristics of the singer remain almost unchanged and are a true trademark that distinguishes her from other bands. I recommend listening to the song Green Star, which is meant to be a summary of what has just been said.

I never thought that a punk rock scene group since 1983 could continue their career so casually and without disturbing the fans. There are two characteristics in this case: the first concerns the maintenance of style, i.e. there are no particular stylistic innovations, as if Fat Mike & Co wanted to "be safe" while retaining the tone.

In detail, the ska side of the guitarist/trumpet player and the second voice El Hefe is slightly less and a prevalence of the voice of the second guitarist Eric Melvin. I would like to highlight two artists who have emphasized the youth of many young people. Artists who, despite their productive careers, have remained in a situation of compositional stagnation from which they have not yet emerged.

Apart from the title and its (possible) interpretations, it must be said that Matt Skiba's entry as singer and guitarist certainly brought the San Diego based group closer to the typical sounds of Californian pop punk. A more serious situation is dealt with by 13 votes for SUM 41. Seriously, because while in the case of Blink 182 the negative note was justified by the entry of a new member, but still sensed the willingness to react, in the case of Sum the return of guitarist Dave Brownsound did not lead to a probable return to the origins.

The situation has remained unchanged with the next screening of Bloody murder. But the renunciation of drummer Steve Jocz has undoubtedly aggravated the situation. This has led to possible suspicions that someone has to come back to address the situation. But it doesn't seem to get any better.

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