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She is in OC and One Tree Hill, the teen soap opera of contemporary rock. ( Sub Pop Records - Providence USA ) Punkrock & political dissent. Pop dance, New Wave, Pop Classica, Country Rock, Ambient, Nature Songs, Blues, Punk. High-energy & running fun punk rock song. Here are some really great songs, mostly from unknown bands.

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The new 7? is called "1-2-3-4 Songs" and was released in October for a new album, entitled Montage Zero Records. As the title of the single already says, we stand in front of a volume that clearly comes from the world of Ramones (or Ramonescore), and it's easy to guess from the first track: Annie T has all the Punk Rock 3chords Chrisms, with the first 1-2-3-4 (in Norwegian?), verse / chorus / chorus verse and 4/4 essential.

The music doesn't change in the rest of the tracks with a tighter Shitouse that reminds me of Mugwumps (one of the best bands of my opinion named Zero Cock), a romantic ballad called Library Girl and the finale She's So Cool, fast, instant and easy.


Central Belt' is a retrospective of the work Mogwai has developed over 20 years and includes some rarities and singles that have never been released on albums before. Lucero returns after 3 years of silence with a deep lyrical recording and typical Memphis music.

The Langolieri will reserve India on 02.02.2015 to present "00:04" of Reserve India.

Stay up to date with every new download! langgolieri. Here is the stream of the interview of Riserva Indie by Longolieri on 02.02.2015 to the brand new "00:04" Sorry - your web browsers are not support. If you have a new version, please upgrade your web browsers or try another one like Google Chrome. Longolieri to the reservation of India on 02-02-2015 to present "00:04":


New CD in the digital -pack version of the Italian pop-punk group " most famous in the world", which returns after 13 years of silence with this incredible masterpiece, which combines their love for Ramones' punk rock with the power-pop of the 60s (Rubinoos are definitely a name that immediately comes to mind).

After a thousand incredible experiences in the 90's, like the production of a record by Joey Ramone and Daniel Ray, two shoulder tours by the Ramones and two tracks in the soundtrack of "The Last Kiss" by Muccino and after a long break in the 2000's, here are 16 new jewels included in an incredible record that couldn't possibly be added to your collection!

The CD has a non-vinyl edition bonustrack, is available pre-ordered, and will be sent a week in advance for official release to those who order it directly from our website.

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