Pop Punk Rock

Punk Pop Rock

Commercials, comics and punk rock album covers. Pop-punk (or punk-pop) is a subgenre of punk rock with special references to pop music. With my band I play pop-punk and punk rock, blink style, to make it clear. All Over The Map is a pop-punk group from Turin, or at least something that gives hints on the punk rock repertoire.


They open the doors of the fraternity for a new fire time. Lots of news to expect in this new season, starting with the groups that will be performing on our stage: Get ready for an evening of pure American style based on Dj Set Punk Rock / Pop Punk / Metalcore / Melodic Hardcore / Crossover / Rock / Trash and everything and more from Dj Ent & Dj Fk.

The raffle includes 3 tickets for the evening including 1 free drink!

Stripping: Ortiche - Album

"The Journey " is our first completely self-produced record. It was born partly as a joke and partly because we wanted to find out what effect the songs we created in many years of rehearsal space had in our hands (and ears). These ten tracks collect our thoughts, our emotions, our memories.

It is our journey that has brought us here and we want to share it with those who want to listen to us.

How to be Punk Pop: 12 Steps (illustrated)

Remember that you do not adhere to the stereotype and first try to understand if this is your way. Punk-pop " ou "vrai punk", viennent The Queers, Screeching Weasel, The Descendants, Pinhead Gunpowder, Blink 182, Rally Fuckers or The Ramones. I' m Indossa dei Jeans Atillati. He wears sweaters and hoodies.

Pay attention to those of the ribbons that have skeletal patterns, striped or plaid, or those of a single color. Buy what you like, and not something just because you saw it worn by a "popular" punk. Sweatshirts with zippers are good, especially since you can leave the zipper open and present your new punk t-shirt.

Ensign Compra liked "cool". Choose punk colors like black, gray and dark blue. He wears blue and black checkered t-shirts. They're great. He also buys long-sleeved jerseys and rolls his sleeves up to his elbows. You need bracelets, thin ones are fine, but try to pick black ones. Wear the black and white converse, low or high, always wear it.

Skateboard shoes are great too. He' s wearing a wool cap, black is better! It' not mandatory, you can be punk pop even without it, it's just a finishing touch to your look. If you have long hair, you can do it in the "mod" style, which consists of combing the fringes on one side like the Beatles did.

You can even take a tube of jelly and make a comb! Fauxhaks, Liberty Spikes, le crest punk. If you don't really know who you are, try not to be too proud. You can also return to step 2 or ask your parents or guardians who you are.

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