Pop Folk Music

Folk Pop Music

Ter Terraross - Tarantella dell'Incerto [ Pop Folk Music ] Italien. A music genre that appears under the Genre Classification in the Windows Media Player Library. Italo Pop, Twist, Summer Ballads, Swing and more! Today, funk, soul and folk sounds are the main characteristics, and as always, we will go around the world. A look into the great fingerpicking songs of rock, pop and folk music.

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She graduated from the music school "Stevan Hristi?" in Krusevac, Serbia. After participating in major singing competitions, he was given an important role in the Pank operating time of the "Cigan" "Punk Opera - Time of the Gypsies" by the famous director Emir Kusturica. In 2013, the single "Tri Case" became a huge success and the movie continues to grow with the views.

In 2014 the single "Moje zlato" will be released in duet with Mc Yankom. In the fifth edition of "Great Stars" (competition for young talented singers) Milica took second place with the song "Konacna odluka".

A magical journey through the pop folk of Music For Eleven Instruments' second album.

Sultano is the name behind the Music For Eleven Instruments project. The young Sicilian musician is a talented multi-instrumentalist who, after his experience with Flugge, decides to start his own solo project, which breathes new life into eleven instruments scattered throughout his house, including drums, wind instruments, etc. The project is based on a combination of his own experience with Flugge and his own.

So he comes to his second rehearsal with the album At the Moonshine Park with an Imaginary Orchestra after his good debut at Business is a feeling. The nine pieces on the album have an orchestral vocation, because Sultan wants to bring all his instruments into dialogue with each other and not betray the mission inherent in his name of art.

The resulting pop folk is rich, sometimes baroque, with a strong personality because it is different from what you normally hear. One could mention the launch single Good morning imagination, also for the beautiful Stop Movie shot in Stop Movie, or the studio movie e.g. Galisa, Bragile Butterfly Women, perfect as a soundtrack for a Sofia Coppola movie, but At the Moonshine Park has to be heard in one breath, so you can get lost in the musical proposals of this excellent artist from Gela.

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