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The term punk is an English term (which as an adjective means poor quality, cheap) created to identify a youth subculture that originated in the mid-1970s in the United States and the United Kingdom. Articles about POLITICAL PUNK written by Rebel Time Records. was a Baltimore anarcho-punk band. Get in touch with Warfare Anarcho Hardcore Punk on Messenger. One of the best political punk rock bands of the European scene returns to the scene.

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We are working on giving you more possibilities to accept cookies..... In the meantime, you can choose to accept all or only the cookies required to operate the website. Profilo: A//Political was an anarcho-punk group from Baltimore. They have a similar look to those of early 1980s punk bands.

It was the musically branch of the Crasshole Collective that led the Anarcho-Punk Federation (A.P.F.).

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One of the best political punk bands of the European punk community returns to the punk world. Fortunately "Antichorus" won't feel lonely anymore, because thanks to this ep (released on vinyl) with the title "The O.S.E.", the acronym of the first three tracks ("The Object", "The Subject", "The End"), it is now in good company.

Since the full -length launch in 2007, the group has brought their explosive and provocative punk rock with them, proving its worth on stages all over Europe, not least their touring in support of two bands who have become true institutions of the genre as Rose Against (although they would have done better never to publish "Appeal to Reason") and Strike Anywhere (of which we look forward to a new full -length).

If the waiting time for a group is as long as it was for me in this case, the risk of being disappointed is very high. Rentokill instead gave life to a powerful and flawless show that reminded me of the times when I had some less white hair and I thought (and I still think unfortunately) that this music has a soul that goes beyond the three simple chords.

The Ep begins with the powerful "The Object", which ideally opens a "mini-concept" that poses various questions about the future of this capitalism without soul and ideals ("for the crowd will pay). "THE object" ends with a penetrating and disturbing melody that opens to "The subject", in which Rentokill show her soul more "Propagandhi" and some riffs unleash more Heavy than Punk, reminiscent of "Potemkin urban limits".

This ideal journey through the contradictions of our flourishing economic and moral decadentism ends with "The End", in which Rentokill closes her musical circle with an acoustical melody and wonders whether this end will lead to a new beginning for society, whether we can understand where it was wrong before.

The Ep on side B ends with "Downtown Train", a sophisticated skirt song with which the guys greet us and wait for the next full length. 8 plus (4 tracks ofuro punk). Besides the vinyl Rentokill they also put in the CD.

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