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And you can play your rock music with any player that can handle CDs. You do yourself a favor: buy play.rock. music, turn the volume and let the music drive the fucking static plastic parts of life out of your brain. The translation of the text Play My Music by Camp Rock: The music on which the radio plays at the highest possible volume.

In the studio of "Music" try it!


c-Music? Whether you are a creative, artist, actor, teacher, band, music producer or digital content producer, this article is perfect for you! Cos'è e-Music? If you sell revenue every month, if you don't sell, don't spend! e-Music is your musical showcase on the international music scene. We sell and promote worldwide and offer all creators of artistic content, music and digital products a space to advertise, promote and sell without having to worry about managing e-commerce.

The mechanism is simple: you (artist, creative, actor, producer etc.) send us the material, we take care of the rest! Péché naasce e-Music? Mainly for 2 reasons: to give music back a concrete VALUE and to bundle the many products of the digital music market in a unique portal. You can then sell all your products in a single e-commerce transaction (without exclusivity), without having to redirect the material to different locations or make different agreements each time.

In addition, unlike the most popular music sites, you're TE (Artist/Creative/Band) to set the price of your material, and you don't have to follow the rules of a market that is increasingly reducing the value of creative content. Give a value to what you produce, never sell it! e-Music believes in the value of art and culture.

It is also important to have an e-commerce like ours that allows you to bring all your music products together in one place, without dispersion! How can creative people, artists, producers and bands today make a living from music and creative-artistic content if they are increasingly sold or given away?

Cossa Posso Sendere On-line? If you create digital content and products for which you are the author, and if you own the rights to publish and distribute, then you've come to the right place! You can sell your music, your song, your digital albums, your music presets (kemper. line 6, fragal etc...), your softwares, your video courses, your ebooks, your PDF manuals etc. here......

Here is a small example of how your next song or record will be sold: Another example of how to set up selling digital products such as PDFs, eBooks, video courses and software: Send your material by email: Provide the information you need for your on-line storefront: you must provide us with the title, the closing price to the public, the DESCRIPTION, the image of the cover, additional information if necessary.

In order to achieve a perfect on-line cooperation, we ask you: your MAIL and your PAYPAL COUNT (for future payments). Payment method: CONCLUSION: e-Music deals with graphics, IT, advertising and related work to manage and administer products on the e-commerce portal. Once you have provided us with the material, we set it up graphically on the website, set up e-commerce and manage every aspect of your on-line distribution!

Why do we keep 25% because we have to manage and administer the entire e-commerce portal? Because we want to ensure the best shopping experience available to all users on-line, because we want to promote the portal, make it known and always manage it with the best spirit of collaboration and vision!

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