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Genuine Punk Rock

A two-day anti-fascist and anti-racist music inspired by the character of Joe Strummer, combining the best of the punk, ska, oi, hc and rock scene. For a fashionable rabble and original design this is....

{Original} Collage. Try these other articles: AF Punk Tea Party. The original photo by The Velvet Underground and Nico.

This is the original REVOLUTION ROCK FESTIVAL!!!!! VII edicione

The REVOLUTION ROCK RESTIVAL is a unique event. In its sixth edition it will land at the DECIBEL in Magta this year. Born 6 years ago as a band celebration of the Joe Strummer Association of Magagenta, it soon became one of the most important and beautiful independent festivals in Italy. An anti-fascist and anti-racist two-day music inspired by the character of Joe Strummer, combining the best of the punk, ska, oi, hack and rock scene.

YOU' MENGIA AND YOU YOU BETTER BE AL DECIBEL! Large parking lot at the front and back of the room! -> There is a station in front of the restaurant for those who do not want to drive!

rock the point - dari

I love you as I love only punk rock, I love you as I love only punk rock, I love you as I love only punk rock, I love you as I love only punk rock, I love you as I love only punk rock, I love you as I love only punk rock, explosions of energy, punk, punk.....


Goodbye to Pete Shelley, with the Buzzcocks in the history of English punk.

In the royal family of English punk there were sex pistols, there was crash, there was damage and there was Buzzcocks, the group led by Pete Shelley, who died of a heart attack on Thursday 6 December at the age of 63, at his home in Estonia. "With great sadness - the group wrote on their Facebook profile - we confirm the death of Pete Shelley, one of the most influential and productive songwriters in the UK and co-founder of the original punk group Buzzcocks.

Pete's music has inspired generations of musicians for a career spanning five decades and, with his group and as a solo artist, is highly regarded by the music industry and its fans around the world. One of the pioneers of electronic rock in England, Shelley had already begun to "play" machines in 1974, influenced by contemporary musicians, representatives of German kraut rock and the French avant-garde.

But with the meeting with Howard Devoto the following year everything changes for him: He founds a group, Buzzcocks with Devoto, Steve Diggle and John Maher, plays disrespectfully and rabidly and soon becomes one of the leading bands of the new scene. A scene that will be the subject of a conference at a historic concert at the Lesser Trade Hall in Manchester on June 4, 1976, when the Sex Pistols will be seen live by the Buzzcocks opening the concert and members of the Joy Division, Case and Smiths.

In 1977 the band's first LP was released, then went to the magazine and Shelley took over the line-up and became lead singer and composer. and Ever Fallen in Love, make Buzzcocks one of the most important bands of the first English punk, supported by three albums, Another Music in a Different Kitchen from 1978, Love Bites again from 1978 and A Different Kind of Aension from 1979.

Overwhelming, ironic, super energetic, the Buzzcocks were fundamental in defining the "high" part of British punk, which combines not only anger but also compositional intelligence in music and lyrics, where Shelley emerged as one of the best writers of his generation. Shelley returned to her electronic love, worked wonderfully with producer Martin Rushent and released some very interesting albums, Homosapiens and XL1, which continued with smaller works in the following years, until the reunification of Buzzcocks a few years ago, an adventure that led the group to record a new record and go on the road again in 2006.

He has also worked intensively on soundtracks and continued her journey into electronics until her last record, Cinema Music and Wallpaper Sound, released in 2016.

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