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# Opus one Dorsey #

The Opus One - original members of the legendary Big Band Orchestra. I' m getting sentimental about you (Tommy Dorsey). The OPUS ONE (Tommy Dorsey) lwbb-liceo musicale cuneo. OPUS ONE. In addition comes the album "Antico Teatro Da Camera (Part One)".

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5. L'era delo swimming

The era of Swing - Thursday, 17 December at 21:00 During the fourth meeting we heard: in brackets is the name of the group or the owner of the recording, so that the other musicians, although of utmost importance, do not appear. The recordings, which are to be regarded as "fundamental" for a good knowledge of Jazzmusic, are highlighted.

With the Jonas umbrella there is no doubt about the weather anymore.

The solution to the riddle may be utopian, but the intelligent umbrella can help us protect ourselves from the danger of rain. You have no doubt in South Korea, especially in the house Opus One, start-up come to the fore thanks to Jonas, the umbrella who can suggest the weather conditions and advise us whether we should take him in the backpack or not.

But the benefits of Jonas, which mixes aluminum and fiberglass and is powered by four pen batteries, are not limited to the proposal alone, because thanks to the special application available for Android and iPod Touch, which downloads weekly forecasts as a first step, you can track your smart phone or umbrella (connected via Bluetooth).

Jonas was born from the idea of a former engineer of Samsung Electronics and is the first product of the start-up Opus One. After a long consensus Jonas found a distributor in Sweden and maybe also in the USA to cross the borders of China and South Korea. In both countries the umbrella is available in seven colours (red, blue, yellow, orange, black, green and grey) and costs the equivalent of 100 dollars.

Not a few to discover the daily weather, but not too many before the success of Jonas.

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