Old School Punk Rock

Punk Rock Old School

Punk Rock'n'Roll Tattoo. Razors New York Old School, Electric Guitars and Ethyl Music! PunkRock Con venature hc da Bologna. Review of the compiles EMILIA ROMAGNA PUNK ROCKERS. Here's our new entry (and Old School Punk-rocker), Chesterfield King!

Mosques of the Velluto Grigio

This is how the audio-phonic adventure begins in my 3 x 4 room accompanied by the Grey Velvet Flies, recently released with their new Old School record, a reinterpretation of songs so loved by the group and their audience. It is said, however, that with the passing of the years one acquires wisdom, to the detriment of "unconsciousness, youth unconsciousness, which is then what happens with the bands, so that the years pass, one improves oneself from the point of view of the music, the style, but one loses what attracts the listener.

Well, Old School is something consciously different, as they say, it's an album designed to get the masses drunk and dancing. In fact, the strength and immediacy of most of the tracks on this record is obvious. The same feeling experienced in "Waltzing Matilda", among others, whose choir "Waltzing Matilda Waltzing Matilda Waltzing Matilda Waltzing Matilda you' ll come a waltzing Matilda white me..." is interpreted jointly by thousands of people, all invited to a Matilda beer!

And Bella is also the slowest and proudest "Foggy Dew", as well as the "The Boy Who Would't Ho The Corn" and "Jesse James (murdered by the coward Robert Ford)" worth listening to, interpreted with a true punk rock attitude while remaining in the average celtic style. I don't remember the last time I heard NUFAN(...) repeat "Fields of Atherny", but Bah took the thread from the speech, "Fields of Atherny" in a Feltic, popular, oi!

Punk, let's say it has its own, why also interpreted by the MVG, the fact is that I then listened to all the blackouts of Dropckick Murphis. It is perhaps the absolute freedom that the Mantovana have always sought, even the musical language has been further enriched with parts of mandolin, accordion, flutes, bagpipes, saxophone, bandone, as in a real orchester, not to mention the vocal interpretation of King Cagno, it took courage, but what can frighten a fearless heart of Jameson!

The Old School appreciates the tradition that can only bring you to dance and drink in a tavern!

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