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The old Skool: Low threat & negative approach. The PAYBACK "Usque ad finem" Old School NYHC style from Roma Give him a spin if you like Old School Punk Rock. Old school punk rock'n'roll tattoo. After high school, I felt like sitting around, not washing dishes and drinking beer at night. Punk Rocker Old School.

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Quest È Roma 2019

Traditionally, the year began with a visit to Questa È Roma, a local punk festivals that has not only become a fixed date for the local punk scene, but which also has a sociable atmosphere. Many, even on this occasion, those who have made more or less long journeys to embrace friends and unleash themselves under the two stages made available to the 18 bands, called for changing from the afternoon.

Finally, there was a lot of meat on the fire this time too, with a view to the local bands who came to a really important event, which we will tell you about shortly, but not without some fat intruders like - to name just a few - the London Sick On The Bus and the godfathers of the national hc Raw Power.

It is pointless to create reports or rankings, it is enough to say that from oi! to the old school, from fast core to punkrock, with many ideas in thrust, every declination of the reference language has found its place along the many hours of music virtually uninterruptedly. Unbelievable, as already mentioned in the last issue, the precision in the observance of the times and the absence of dead moments due to problems related to the step change and the many existing formations.

The audience showed that it appreciates it and everyone had the opportunity to enjoy their loved ones with a good generation change that has led to old punks and new recruits, historical names of the scene and curiously sorted to stand side by side without anyone caring about the motivation of those present or their "legitimacy" to hold some points of the scene map.

The special event mentioned, without wanting to belittle anybody of course, was the greeting of Damian the infamous column, who for the last time with a name, to say the least, who wasn't only on stage in the capital, a greeting that turned into a lot of bodies that were crowded under and above the stage to sing at the top of the many anthems of the bands, and who infected the whole string.

In my opinion, happy with the decision not to bring the big names to an end and to change bands without ranking of importance or longevity in order to avoid punishments or hierarchies of any kind.

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