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Il punk, Il punk, terrible, old school.

From the beginning a cultic group, and this has created an imaginary all the skulls, tombstones and monsters that wander through space in the style of the 50s! Because our cultband has always put the horror and the macabre on a cheerful style that is not very serious, which is already reflected by the covers. Dry and naked songs, all kissed by the punk Guaiatezza from Gdansk, the historical vocalist.

After the streets of Danzig and Jerry Only have separated (but our group still hangs around, albeit occasionally, the first with Samhain and the namesake Danzig, the second with some covers of some songs from the 50s together with Dez Cadena - guitar and Robo - battery - with "Project 1950", which was released under the name Mischfits, a half-step faux pas...), the sounds of the group gradually change.

Certainly the missits have become transgenerational because of their strong scary images, capable of being appreciated by both who were there then, by both, by children... well, I discovered the missits at the age of 13! The most modern missfits of the period 1997-2000, see besides Jerry also Michale Graves on voice, Dr. Chud on drums and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein on guitar.

And now the discography in pills: Some of the first ep. The tone is raw, full of hardcore punk. where the tone becomes more macabre and horrible, always accelerated with simple chords and taste for the "stadium choirs". excellent examples of bouncy punk terror! and for the "necrophile" fan..........

Old School Punk evening in Valtorto for Ravenna 2.0 with Chambers and Minnie's.

The evening at Valtorto in Ravenna is like Old School Hard Core Punk, with Minnie's from Milan and Chambers from Pisa. There used to be many groups (including violent breakfasts). The list is about as long as the Great Communication Road, which connects the places where the five members of the group live.

In 2008, the Pisa based Champions synthesized everything that begins to play. They travel the streets every week to meet, dissect punk, hard-core, grounge and skirt, spit out their bones, then turn around and go home. The result is the band's second full-length debut release (after their 2010 debut of the same name) "Lamano sinistra ", released in March 2012 on To Loose la Track, combining epic post-rock, scream and post-hardcore.

Minnie comes from Milan and plays fast, melodic songs. They are one of the longest living groups of the Italian independent scene, always separated between the love of American punk and English punk music, but with their feet firmly anchored in Italy. They played all over Europe and shared the stage with hundreds of international bands (Against Me! Get Up Kids, Lemonheads to name a few).

To paraphrase their history of these years with a piece of descendants (one of the reference groups of the band), we can say that "they slept on many rough floors and in some clean sheets", choosing the ideal path taken years before by the groups that wrote the history of Italian punk from Negazione to Kina without ever wanting to close in on a single genre.

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