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With a seasoning: ROCK! old school rock! just an old-fashioned free rock band with lots of electronics to cheer you up!

L'intervista agili OLD ROCK CITY ORCHESTRA

The Old Rock City Orchestra is a group from Orvieto that has finally reached the ideal balance after experimenting with different formations. Today the three follow a very precise path, following in the footsteps of pro rock, crossing psychedelic sounds and dreamlike images. Is nascono gli coming Old Rock City Orchestra?

I ( Raffaele ) and Cinzia already played together in another volume with which we made covers of music from the 70s and 80s. This experience represented for us the last phase of the long musical period in which we normally "learn to play" with the songs of the great artists who have shaped the history of music.

But we stayed almost immediately in four, because due to the many engagements in different formations Laurence was forced to leave the group after a short time, even though he worked and worked with us both in the recording room and on stage. At the beginning of 2016 the line-up changed again with the release of Giacomo and so we stayed in three groups, me on guitars, bass and vocals, Cinzia on vocals and keyboards and Mike on drums, choirs and percussion.

"The Old City on the Rock" sounded like "Old Rock City" in English, a pun that also reminds us of the genre we like best, old rock. So we decided to become the Old Rock City Orchestra. In fact, our sounds are reminiscent of progressive and psychedelic rock music.

The Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, Uriah Heep and others are certainly reference models, but if playing progressive music only means odd times, suites of over 20 minutes and the obligatory use of playing meatotron, then you would be violating the concept of progressive music. Which musical paths, even individual ones, led you to your current music?

Ascolo da semipre music rock et heavy music. I have Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Toto, King Diamond and others as part of my musical baggage. I learned how to play drums by "stealing" from the older ones! Each of us draws from his own listening backgrounds and experiences that come together and enrich the sounds of the bands in different forms.

Me and Raffaele, a blues-soul guitarist in high school, a bit like Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen, met us every afternoon at a musical instrument store and played together for hours, even with passing musicians! While Cinzia, who is a rather "classical" musician, had the honour to meet and perform Mike Moran, who really played us with Queen!

Although rock and psychedelic sounds have in common, the former are more spontaneous, more lively and less "meditated", while the latter are a real "concept" where the music becomes more thoughtful, the selection of sounds more precise and everything tends towards a darker and more introspective dimension.

What's that? Cosa ne stensate del rock in Italia? The current Italian rock scene is full of new quality bands, but in a musical world where commercial rock "disposable" is the master, rock finds little place. It' s a real shame, because rock is heard by everyone, even by the youngest ones, who go to concerts and still buy records.

The really dramatic situation concerns up-and-coming bands like ours: Many clubs prefer the Vasco Rossi or Ligabue covers to earn money. In the best case also Pink Floyd or Queen's tripute group. For this reason, national radios hardly include any of your songs in their programme, and the chances of becoming known are limited to welfare networks, independent radios and some very rare festivals in this field.

Rock is not dead, it lives in the past. We have to fight every day to prevent extinction, and perhaps we are more appreciated abroad than in Italy. Generally the audience is fascinated by our music while playing and this gives us hope for the future! You won the Classic Rock competition with the song Lady Wiper, The Woman Wiper.

Publication of the first record in 2012, a European concert in the following year, a second record in 2015, the recent return to England with the concert in Liverpool, the victory of the competition of Classic Rock Italy! From the rehearsal room in the Umbrian countryside to the famous The Hope and Anchor in London, where they performed Dire Straits, Clash, Police, Ramones, among others, a dream has come true, as has their participation in the Balkan Youth Festival in Bulgaria and playing in front of thousands of people, or performing with artists who have described their musical growth as legendary Ticket to Hell, or the opening act of Bernardo Lanzetti, singer of PCM.

We had difficult moments, especially after the line-up change, but what has remained unchanged is the enthusiasm and the desire to keep going, to keep growing and getting better, to write new music and keep dreaming! It is the first chapter of the Old Rock City Orchestra of the new age, after our decision to stay in three.

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