Old Punk Songs

Ancient Punk Songs

Bath Religion/NOFX Musica Rock, Punk Rock, Poster Di Spettacoli, Concerti,... nostalgic punk songs. It is the union of our lyrics and the classical punk songs.

New Wave Indie has a post. The Old Firm Casuals + Cockney rejects al Button Club.

Ancient Italian songs in a big punk

It anticipates the new Ep entitled "And yet another journey", which will feature three great classics reinterpreted and translated by the group, as well as an unreleased song! The famous song of Les More.... We are pleased to inform you that Gommini and Gommine will organize the Tour 2019 by Gommas from MAKE A THREAM!

Old new songs - Rock, Punk + Metal

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Story of rock music. Alte 97er Jahre: Curriculum vitae, diskography, review, links

The melancholic stories of Rhett Miller, a little stereotypical of the countryside, are released by the vocal harmonies, by the sharp guitar of Ken Bethea, a guitar soaked with melodic riffs and the rhythmic wonders of drummer Philip Peeples, the true secret of the group. The dynamics of the formation is almost punk, and that soon made their live performances famous.

It is an album full of old-fashioned sounds, as shown by the reconstructions of Curtain Call (combining the vocal harmonies of Doo-Wop and Duan Eddy's Twang), Salome (whose mourning song is accompanied by Hawaiian 60s style slides), HOuse That Used To Be and Niteclub, a parody of popular and national music.

The work is dominated by the imaginative rhythms set by the drums and wrapped around the guitar solos, from the blue grass of W.TX teardrops to the swings of Just Like California, from the trot of Big Brown Eyes to the gallop of Melt Snow. Elektra (Fight Songs, 1999) speculates about this style, but without the same fantasy and especially without the same epic.

The honor, but not the protocol, is saved by some festive, old-fashioned land rides like Lonely Holiday and What We Speak About and by an atmospheric depression like Chris Isaak like Alone So Far.

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