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Go Go's and X's that stayed on more melodic and "old-style" sounds and achieved a good success. It' gonna be an old-school slamfest with all the BYO alumni, can you handle it?!! Advertisements and posters, Rock N Roll, flyers, concerts, punk, calligraphy.


Special Review

On this page I've always written a lot about indianrock because it' s the genre I've followed the most in recent years and I feel more focused, but to some extent my first approach to independent music was punkrock, from local bands to big historical groups like Ramones (my absolute favourites), The Clash and Novx.

In recent years I have come a little closer to the genre and at Arci Tambourine I have seen Manges and The Queers live, mainly thanks to my friend Alessandro, punk guitarist of the Milan scene, who played in The Moes a few years ago and has been involved in the new McBain music project for a year now, which I will tell you about in this review.

As for The Moes, the name McBain comes from one of the cult animation series of the last 20/30 years, the Simpsons, because the influences of American punk are very pronounced on the album and the reference to one of the cartoons that was able to describe American society in a disrespectful and ironic masterful way really fits.

McBain's debut album Reverenge, here's the tracking itinerary. Listening to revenge, you realize that McBain has fun splashing around in punk with the typical themes and sounds of the genre, without knocking and even surprising us with original ideas, especially the quote from Agnes Skinner at the beginning of Fuck you all and the sampling of West Ham's anthem, I always blow blisters in When I Was Old.

Incidentally, the themes are love, badly reduced and carefree, whether it ends well or ends badly, the desire not to grow and the tendency to eternal adolescence and the desire to have fun and "trouble". Perprio in puro-style punk skirt. Beautiful influences like Beach Boys surfs the town, which for me after a series of listening sessions is the strongest part of the record, catchy and satisfying, slips into a corner of the head and you can't help humming it.

Much energy and the desire for vengeance to refer to the title of the album, in the already mentioned Fuck you all and in Breaking Up Tonight.there is no better definition than Reverenge, if not punk rock record. But their line-up consists of musicians who have been chewing the genre for several years and know exactly where to put their hands.

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