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The common denominator is certainly the punk rock of the old school, in American style. Ancient Punk Flyer Poster Rock, Musica D'arte, Struttura Per Poster, Poster. I would add cheerful, fast punk rock, straight and chorus. On the occasion of the digital release of LIGHTSOUT's new album, an evening of punk rock old school music at the legendary Ligera, the CBGB in Milan! " Next to Ruin" is the eighth album of the Tuscan punk rock trio LATTE+.

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The official website of rock and heavy metal, which is enriched every day with two new reviews! and all' Hard rock. It' hard to get out of the amalgam of the Klangwand, and that is very punishable for a Studioalbum. The eleven tracks on the record (almost all over 3 minutes) flow quite well, although they are all too often stingy with ideas and somewhat flat in structure.

The fourth track, (I'm Not) John Wayne, begins with an introduction that really (but really) reminds too much of a world-famous punk song, so much so that it almost seems to be a tribute to this English group. This is the same volume that is not even intentionally honored in the title track Strummerland. Dead Pollys are a group that knows what they want to do and how to do it, they know how to play healthy and good old School Punk Rock with great stubbornness and intensity.

Bandmembers: Martin - drummerTracklist: There is an idea of the musical scenery of the group, which ranges from punk to melodic metal core, an expansion in sound and compositional inspiration, which we think the powerful threesome should use as much as possible by varying the tracks and between the tracks, creating something varied, remaining true to their personality, but underlining the abilities of the combos even more.

If you want to hear the guitar fading and the rhythm section teaching on shields like punk and punk, turn up the loudness and choose Immobile, a song that moves exactly opposite to its title, albeit with lyrics that evoke discomfort and difficulties. General musicale: Punk rock, Hardcore melodicoVoto: s.v.

Bandmembers: Simone Pablo Wonka Passolungo - batteriaTracklist: to close everything with only one minute piano. You can' t talk about the usual pop-punk record, because this One is much more than that. The wide range of styles that we find in the 13 tracks of this record takes time to mature, there are things that need to be better focused, but the project is very ambitious and given the young age of the components these homeless seem to promise good things for the future.

Ryan Rumchaks - voice, chitarraTracklist: 13th Fin. Released in June 2018, this is the seventh record of the American group Mayday Parade, which has been active for a dozen years and comes from Florida. Your south is a very pop-emotional punk mix that is closer to today's alternate rocks than to real punkrocks.

Finally an entertaining record that offers its fans nothing new and suggests things that can already be heard in other albums, without trying to break new ground despite the important label change. Let's hope that this first Rise Records record is also the beginning of a new and more exciting path.

Bandmembers: Derek Sanders - vocalsTracklist: we see this very well in the US heavy rock charts and think about how wide the musical bandwidth of the 30 miles is. One of the tracks that contains the different elements of the group is certainly Candle Thief, a track that would not squeak in a full length record, even though the chorus and rhythm section reveal their passion for a particular punkrock.

A bad punk grind comes with the latest The Beasts, the speed is the heart of this track along with the voices that differ from all the other moments of the album, lyrics also appear in Italian and this is a choice that is really appreciated. Another thing with Their brains Upside Down, a piece that oscillates between alternative and indie and shows a different personality of the group, softer and more precise also on vocal level, not better in every respect, but important for a different audience (some will remember some hits of The Cranberries).

We are not surprised that Short Tales For Braves is an record that has taken the 30 miles away, an record that deserves to be at the top of the list for a long time. Bandmembers: Featured artist: Alessandro Biagiotti - guitar (live)Tracklist: It was since the years when Turbonegro had to say that we didn't meet a Punk'n'Roll-Aband as ignorant and fast as Bad Mojos.

Lo-fi production, songs that don't last two minutes, absurd lyrics and glowing lives that end in the twinkling of an eye. And the surprise is that they come from the heart of Switzerland, a country that is certainly not known for punk bands, but where anarchistic values could become truly fruitful.

English punk lives in songs like I Wanna Be Dead, even though punk'n'roll is the context in which Bad Mojos move best, a threesome that never likes real hardcore but focuses on dirty sounds, simple chords and fast but not really depressed times.

Would you like to know which songs we recommend I Od to You? Tanculo, suno 10 brandi per 14 minutes duration. Membris band: n.d. Track list: Among the ranks of Italian punkrock bands (with Italian vocals) there are many who are dedicated to strong social engagement and themes that convey clear messages even when overwhelmed by electric riffs.

It is no coincidence that the songs are entitled Names of imaginary girls, stereotypes that I probably got to know in Lobello's personal life and which this DP dedicates to them, which has been beautiful since their work of art, a graphic that not only represents a game between man and technology (the robotic embodies the world of the Internet), but which also shows that love is a game in the end and in spite of the many difficulties (also at this age).

A game perfectly represented by the style of the group, a punkrock fast and uncomplicated, compact and well recorded, but still suitable for celebrating and trembling in the rain of notes. Because, let's remember, a part of punk has matured over the decades into an incredible success that takes itself little seriously.

Bandmembers: Tracklist: by La Verità, the first single of this record where the sounds are a little "away from those we were used to, to try our hand at Cumbia, supported by a special guest like Davide Toffolo, the head of Three Allegri Ragazzi Morti. Unstable is also experimental in terms of tone, the main song waves to the West Coast style of the 90s thanks to the Bad Religion choral style, while Baci Al Liceo resumes the West Coast style of Punkreas at the beginning of the millennium, with guitars, but increasingly scratchy and heavy, which since The Rough Side, La Festa has given way to increasingly oppressive melodic lines, accompanied by rough lyrics and no frills, but that's nothing new.

Expecting to understand where Marta is (follow the bands socio profile for that), we enjoy this new return and try to find the stable balance that seems to be lost. Membris Band: Tracklist: They have been active for about 15 years and after several years of experience in competitions for up-and-coming bands and concerts to support several national and international bands, also of great importance such as Queers, Punkreas, No FX, Ska P and others, 2007 saw IndieBox Music in Milan playing live offstage.

Very much appreciated by the critics who awarded them "Best Punk Band of the Year" at MEI 2009. The new record with the title Supermarket gives us these back in the best form. With Zamu (bass and vocals), accompanied by the Cadamuro brothers (guitar and drums) and the lead guitar of Umbre, the quartet releases a classic punkrocker with ease for young punks.

Guitars in down-stroke, drums in Ramones style and lots of melody in Italian singing Ironic and sarcastic lyrics that argue about the current working Mi Licenzio and La Scena Punk today, the fashion of tattoo, the desire to return to Holland and much more. Maybe that's what makes them so similar to Derozer's punk rocks.

Not just a coincidence, but the fact that the singer/bassist replaced Mendez in the Seba and his companions group. Nothing new under the sun, but a pleasant return to what was well played, well arranged and easy to hear in Italy at the beginning of the 90s when it came to punkrock.

Membris Band: Tracklist: Surely their name refers to the punk rocking scene of the golden age, there are no great aspirations for originality, but they pay homage to a genre with which these musicians grew up. This is usually a sign for different fuckings and little identity: Certainly Dear Road won't go down in history as the punk rocking album of the century, but we really liked it.

Their style is punk rocking but very melodic research oriented and seems to come very close to punk at different times. One song for example that seems to me to be a good summary of their ideas is This City with a very punk verse, a chorus with many overlapping voices that will make you sing a lot in singing life (as soon as you become more famous) and the interludes that calm the souls and are responsible for the explosion of the chorus itself.

A recipe that is not new, but "fits" and that shows that Second Youth is not a 4 chord and simple group. There are a few simpler, more classic, less interesting moments like Suzanne (except the bass solo) or Worst Case scenario, but in a musical proposal like yours they are useful pieces to confirm the roots of the group, at least for their first LP.

We prefer songs like Closes, which are instinctive and because of their attitude to rocks can attract fans outside the circle of punk rockers. Membris Band: Tracklist:

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