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It seems that gossip has been on everyone's lips lately, like the "new revelation" in punk/blues along with Von Bondies and other formations. Find the perfect stock photo of nyc punk. The Punk Avenue is an intimate look at the first ten years of Paris-born Phil Marcade in the United States, where he drifted from Boston to the West Coast. Degree in Modern Literature, with a dissertation on the origins of punk film, at the University of Trieste (Robert Plant) and the New York Dolls, a groundbreaking group that is located between glam rock and punk.

young, rebellious and united: photos of the nyc punk scene in the 80s.

Photografia di dream carolan, there matinee: The first time he saw a group of skinheads, he remembers them. Avenue A when he noticed a shed of boys in front of Tompkins Square Park. They looked like high school boys on break," he remembers. "In the early) 80s, explains Dr. Deve, the skinheads of New York were not closely associated with the extreme right, except in sporadic cases.

In 1983 a 26 year old Drew, accompanied by Richard Avedon, decided to begin the journey that would change his life. After assisting the master fashion photographer as an assistant during his legendary Versace campaign, Drew is asked to accompany him on his next project: a journey on the highways.

When Carolan returns from her first Western session with Avedon, she finds even more skinheads in the city. Ten years earlier, the venue had shaped the city's art and punk scene, hosting musicians such as The Ramones, Blondie, Television and Patti Smith. We get into the 80s and it turns into a place where it's practically impossible to get in, except on Saturday afternoons when the CB hosts the morning match for a new punk tribe: the hard-core children.

Every week-end skinheads, punk pacifists and vagabonds from neighbouring countries come to the CB to listen to concerts by Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Murphy's Law, Reagan Youth, 7 Seconds, Minor Threat and a thousand other groups. A thriving cultural ecosystem in which young people with a more diverse past can come into contact with each other and let themselves go, take a break from the world that oppresses them, threatens them and puts them aside.

As with Avedon in the far west, Carolan takes a snapshot by hanging a white sheet on the facade of a building. He spent the next two years intercepting the boys who went to the mathematics class and photographing them with a Rolleiflex. "With Avedon, everything was more romantic. "Die Carolan Ruidendo. "I just wanted to do honest portraits.

This empathy makes Drew's portraits so special and true. More than thirty years later, today, he decided to collect these images in a new book Matinee:

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