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/punk band based in Bologna, Italy. ccpc fedeli alla linea discography and songs: Post punk, art punk, punk, punk rock. The Ska / Psychobilly / Thrash / Metal presentati da Rebel songs gratuitamente. The best of new and classic Punk / Hardcore / Psychobilly / Oi!


The collection published by Splitte Records contains two CDs dedicated entirely to the new Tuscan wav scene: those who remember these years or want to get to know their history can do so through their protagonists. The meeting will be attended by music critic Vittore Barone, founder of Splitter Records, Simone Finguelli, editor of the album, Michele Ricci and David Picchi of Italian Rock Buster.

The Lucca protagonists of the composition and thus the members of the Diatriba and the garden were also present. The project "391" was born over thirty years ago, in 1983, with the intention to "photograph" the Italian musical underground. The choice of name was intended as a tribute to the homonymous Dadaist magazine in New York, written by painter and poet Francis Picabia, and the intention was to organize the musical material geographically and explore the new waves and post-punk groups region by region.

A rather marginal and angular musical representation of Italy, with the intention of representing the most radical scene of the new skirt. Despite the large amount of material collected, the project was interrupted after only two years and the publication of the first two volumes on the Marche and Umbria regions. With the entry into the scene of Spittle Records the project takes shape again, even expands its boundaries to become even more complete, resumes the journey into the deepest underground and lets small/large pearls of the Italian music scene (rediscover).

IDLES, parquet squares and others: How Post-Punk changed in 2018.

During a year in 2018, when the masterpiece was rarely heard screaming, post-punk was certainly one of the genres that bore the most fruit, among which there are certainly high quality releases: on the one hand the beginnings that talked about themselves, on the other hand the return of almost all the most interesting bands that the genre has produced in the last ten years, united by the decision to go new sounds and new ways.

Song of Practice will be released on January 12th for Dead Oceans and was an instant success in the UK, with a remarkable response in the rest of Europe and overseas. The debut of Brixton's 20-year-old quintet - which we also talked about in this article - is not flawless, but makes acid a strength: Shame's is a post-punk who also finds his influence in Britpop, but raw and loud live.

Ought are among the most talented bands in the post-punk scene of recent years, behind which a second record (Sun coming down) is practically flawless. Ought's has always been a less noisy and elegant post-punk, with a lot of attention to detail and refined execution. Released by Merge on February 16th, Room Inside the World is a shift towards a less distorted art-rock and closer in part to Tim Darcy's solo singer-songwriter, who still retains the characteristic style of the Canadian group.

Also on their third record the Canadian preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong) made an extraordinary debut (Viet Cong), which raised very high expectations, but then partly disappointed by their second record (Preoccupations). It was released on March 23rd by Jagjaguwar, and after a warm welcome it seems to have been intimidated over time. Certainly an effort that deserves a re-release, especially when there's a chance to hear it live.

Iceage' s fourth record will be released on Matador on 4 May: the Danish quartet takes the direction of a post-punk that spans its most gothic corners, leading to a kind of punk that in some moments even touches glamour. This is an extraordinary record and full of surprises, including a song with Sky Ferreira.

Released on 18 May on Rough Trade, the album is a hilarious blend of punk, funk, pop and stadium choirs (it's no coincidence that one of the tracks is called Total Football) as a seemingly Goliardic reaction to contemporary terror. Flasher is the line-up of Taylor Mulitz (former bassist of Priests), whose debut, released for Domino on June 8, has its roots in the Washington DC punk scene, but also explores the territories of Mind and Schoegaze, sometimes reminiscent of Deerhunter's changing skirt.

The Constant Imag is a hard and radical record in which members' voices are constantly intertwined in stories about urban nihilism. Protomartyr have an extraordinary record behind them: relative in Descent was musically and thematically one of the best albums of 2017, in which power and poetry came together to narrate a contemporary alienation.

The ep Consolation, released by Domino on June 15th, is a post-punk jewel that matches the Detroit band's sounds and at the same time drives forward grog influences, as the collaboration with Kelley Deal of Breeders shows. The genre of the Mothers, a group from Kristine Leschper's head, is hard to identify as post-punk: When You Walk a Long Distanceera, a singer-songwriter record known as indie-rock, but while there were strong influences on the first work, Render Another Ugly Method - released on September 7th by ANTI - gives an undeniable post-punk boost that can already be seen in the beautiful single PINK.

IDLES is a small revolution that began from below, from the British working classes who speak the language of all and turn punk rage into an opportunity to celebrate life, the other, positive resistance. In the voice of Joe Talbot and in the guitars of the Bristol group there is a kind of aggressiveness that sounds like a call to arms, that of those who respond to hatred, racism, sexism, violence with a captivating euphoria and with a social commitment that is not only contained in the songs.

A little jewel worth mentioning is the division between Concern and Protomartyr, published for Domino on 16 November. The bands, with a joint touring in sight, decided to cover each other and released a limited edition of telemetry on Howe Bridge. Protomartyr visits again Fordidden (from the album Preoccupations), while Pontiac 87 (from The Agent Intellect) reinterprets Proccupations.

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