New Punk Rock Releases

Punk Rock new releases

Now NINE ELEVEN has announced a new album and a new tour! The date dei concerti punk: Sedia Booking Family, Otis Tours and Little Italy Cafè proudly present: New editions and new releases are handled by us. In Trinakristan there is a new musical recipe: a solid mixture of Balkan beats, rock,...

.. The second release by a catchy garage punk band from Rovereto.


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It is a memory of this record, a memory of the youth, it is a sacred memory of everything that we have spent in the last fifteen to twenty years.... This is the eighth solo record of a twenty-five-year career released on AMS Records on April 5, 2019..... The soundtrack of the documentary, dedicated to the American artist Cy Twombly, was written by the composer, multi-instrumentalist (and co-founder of the label RareNoise Records) Eraldo Bernocchi.

This is a new record for the Diego and Froxeanne duet âelectro-waveâ, which has been attracting the attention of the public for several years with its âdark waveâ melancholy, rich in popular veins and always very sophisticated and catchy..... The fifth in chronological order, a new record for the Canadian composer and performer who sings rebirth after so many mistakes, who sings love and other important themes like a new social consciousness or even fatherhood....

MOUNTAIN BLUMENBERG - Divertissement Avec Du Punk Rock

Blumenberg is the stage name of Federico Montefiori, Francesco's twin brother and half of the legendary Montefiori Cocktail luxury suite. Monsieur Blumenberg's first publication in 2001 - Musique et Couleurs - was a wonderful experimental electronic symphony romp. Sixteen years later Monsieur Blumenberg returns with a new publication - Divertissement Avec Du Punk (Fun with Punk Rock).

Another cheerful and colourful toy, but this time the good monsieur pays tribute to the punk rock of the old school. The album is a kind of punk lounge in keeping with his passion for music and his sense of humour. The album also includes two original tracks composed by Le Monsieur: the first title track and the very sexual ones, Bugs, Rock and Roll.

360 Songs

One of the pillars of the Italian punk rock scene of the last 30 years is back. Key figure in the history of English and world punk, bassist, founder and musical head of Sex Pistols. Author of almost all songs of the group. Matlock is responsible for some of the most famous compositions in the history of popular music, songs that have made the Sex Pistols one of the most famous and forbidden bands of the late 70s.

On October 14, 2016 "Indaco" will be released, the great return of En? gamma, a new test on the long distance of one of the leading representatives of the national rap/hip hop scene. After an " in-store " tour to support the promotion of "Indaco", which led him to meet his fans from all over the peninsula, En? gamma is now ready to start the activity next to the console of the inseparable Kaizèn (producer of an instrumental record and arranger with En? gamma for life).

Everyone is talking about En? gma's figures, we know his past and the importance of his artistic and talented contribution to the emergence of the new Italian rap/hip-hop scene from 2010 to the present. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of "THE QUEEN IS DEAD", the third extraordinary recording by the English group The Smiths, MIKE JOYCE, drummer of the foreign group, dedicates his DJ set to this record, which is presented in clubs and festivals all over the world.

Mr. Joyce, who has experience in East Village Radios in New York, East Village Radios in Manchester and BBC 6 Music as well as in major clubs such as Dj, will also bring his Dj set to Italy, focusing on the quality of the musical offering.

It' the third Studioalbum of the english Smiths. The record published on 16 June 1986 on Rough Trade Records reached number two in the ranking of the best-selling records in England. Presentations are superfluous, porn magazines are simply one of the best Italian punk bands.

Strongly supported by an immense fan base and unprecedented coherence, the Varsese Company has represented the genre and scene for over 20 years without losing an inch and with tens of thousands of copies sold in carnets! On Virgin Radio Giulia Salvi directs the programmes "Rock in Translation" and "Virgin Generation" accompanied by Andrea Rock and on channel 134 of the digital terrestrial channel 3 the programme "Music Fail".

It offers a dynamic and fun DJ kit to the sound of refined and trendy rock, a sound journey where you can dance between indi-rock and alternatives, the latest releases and great classics. An exquisite metal record that is able to bring another wave of freshness into a scene of panoramic Italian success that is already celebrating great international success.

After the release of "Il banko piange" and the success of the audience and critics with exclusive Xl of Repubblica and Virgin Radios, the release of a new album in the first half of 2015, a double CD "16 Anni Dopo" containing 3 unreleased songs and 23 songs that are part of the 6 records that the volume has in its career, have been completely replayed and re-recorded, followed by a long touring, live available L'INVASIONE DEGLI OMINI VERDI.

Dani " Marceca, former voice and guitar of Pornoriviste, historical Italian punk rock group, and histrionic head of Yokoano, alternate rock group, with which two records have been released from 2010 until today ("Yokoano" and the following "Belly"), has always been an artist dedicated to experimenting and searching for new forms of expression.

HC taught the overwhelming majority of the musicians known today in the punk and HC environment to Haw Powers, many started to play after their own concert, many still do today! After several European and American tours they come back to bite the Italian stages! L'Ora d'Aria's 4th career record, Duracel's Fourth European Record Tours, continues!

L "L'Ora d'Aria" (The Hour of the Air) confirms the artistic maturity of this group, always ready to be the soul of the party when it's on stage!

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