New Punk Rock Albums

Punk Rock New Albums

The first album of Defezione, a fast core of Campobasso, has just been released. This Friday the last concert out of control at New Ideal. New version: NINE ELEVEN has just announced a new album and a new tour! They practically play for themselves and mix post-punk, punk and alto rock. -Richie has this cool new solo album and I'm busy with the queers.


Hard and fast tracks, loud guitars and powerful drums: That's punk, the most crass of all music styles. Forty years after his birth, a collection you shouldn't miss to listen fully to the bands that have written their history: from Sex Pistols to Ramones, from Stooges to CCCP, from Blink 182 to New York Dolls.

The English rock group that was active between 1975 and 1978, Sex Pistols are known as the punk group par excellence. With disrespectful lyrics and an extreme and non-conformist attitude, they revolutionized rock by introducing punk culture into music. Disruptive, ironic, revolutionary: The New York Ramones are the first real punk rock group in history.

Their name-giving record, which crystallizes all the ideals and characteristics of the genre, contains the famous "Blitzkrieg Bop" and other masterpieces such as "Beat on the Brat" and "Judy is a Punk". This is an record you shouldn't miss, one that breaks new, electrifying, sonorous ground. Their eponymous debut is a powerful and scratches record with legendary songs like "I want be your dog".

1977 is the year of television, an American group led by Tom Verlaine, the absolute innovator of the sound of the electric guitar. The debut album "Marquee Moon" is a cornerstone of punk and new wave and inspired post-punk. In 1979 the first - or better said - germs of Hardcore-Punk were born.

Los Angeles-based The Germs release their first and only ever punk masterpiece, (GI), with violent and extreme tracks. "Sheena''s a punk rocker," the anthem of a generation.

independent label for

The Ferro Solo project was born to write a handful of songs written with the acoustic guitar "as I did as a boy" that Ferruccio wanted to bring into the recording room, and he managed to involve a handful of friends from the world of independent Italian rock, including Andrea Rovacchi,

After reaching their third album, the 7Cs experience an anomalous formation that allows them to best express what the record wants to tell us. The 7Cs conceive the recording, which describes how much more alien the life of the modern man is, who is forced to deal with the hectic everyday life and the technology.

KREDITEN: Social: Credits: WAR, Sunday, October 11, 2016. 2016 WAS returns with Sonntag, a recording that is the result of a choir performance (DeAmbula, Costello's, Tiny Speaker) that represents the sum (a font matured over time) and at the same time overcomes the spaces we had become accustomed to by introducing unpublished electric textures and discrete and functional electronics into the song form.

Mauro Vacca and Roberta Etzi (formerly Pussy Stomp) have been involved in the album and follow WAS in the living dimension as well. Mixed by WAS himself, with the valuable help of Daniele Murgia (who also did the mastering), Sunday is a mature and sincere record that will not fail to attract the transversal attention of listeners and critics as much as the reference range of its character.

Arteprima Movie del vidéo de los Oslo Tapes su Rockerilla! The second chapter of the Abruzzi OSLO TAPES, Tango Kalashnikov is led by Marco Campitelli, head of the DeAmbula brand and Marigold's lead, who, together with Mauro Spada and Federico Sergente, forms a dark, experimental post-punk band dedicated to a post-punk that takes nothing for granted.

Created from the collaboration between Marco Campitelli and Amaury Cambuzat, the Oslo Tapes project has matured over time to achieve the current configuration of the three with Mauro Spada on bass and Federico Sergente on drums. The second Oslo Tape rehearsal shows strong postgraceful connotations, embellished with declaimed passages and a touch of improvisation that never spoils.

The Tango Kalashnikov is a dense work that plays with precarious balances that hover between delicate beauty (the delicate introspection of Ellissi) and sensual sound accelerations (the explosion of the saxophone in symmetries is cool). The OSLO TAPES: Credits Tango Kalashnikov: Interview by Gianluca Polverari - LA FISICITA' DELL'INTROSPEZIONE and review by Alessandro Bonetti Today: Oslo Tapes' second record titled | Tango Kalashnikov |, released on November 24th.

| Tongo Kalashnikov contains ten songs that can be classified without half measures into an avant-garde vision, that breathe air into the rage of the instruments, which are accompanied by sung and recited parts, and turn the power not only into a sound concept, but into something more intimate. Marco Campitelli (The Marigold), Mauro Spada (buenRetiro) and Federico Sergente (Zippo/Santo Niente) recorded the songs for the group, which included Umberto Palazzo (santo niente), the avant-garde Pat Moonchy, Andrea Angelucci, the violinist Francesco D'Elia and Sergio Pomante (Captain Mantell). October 27th - we have the opportunity to introduce you to DIVERT's new record.

The DeAmbula Press is particularly proud to announce the release of "How We Run", an album by BEFORE CARS, formerly NIRVANA Chad Channing. Classical rock and an unconventional character, Chad Channing and Before Car from Seattle give us a valuable record and collection of indigenous Folk Hop jewels that will soon be a byword.

Under the title KANAVAL, the album is an abrasive blend of post-rock, loud and mantric repetition, with a new experimental swing, ideal at the crossroads between Swans and My Bloody Valentine. CANAVAL co-opts musicians like Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust), Gioele Valenti (himself) and Toshi Kasai (active on MELVINS), who not only played on the album but also mixed and mastered it on Sound Of Sirens (Sun Valley, CA).

The KANAVAL is the third offical album of THE MARIGOLD, a popular line-up of shoemakers who perform an inventive mixture of rock and noise, blended with an unbelievable experiential mindset, ideal between Swans and My Bloody Valentine. In this latest publication, the Marco Campitelli-led line-up has brought together a host of fans such as ULAN BATOR's lead Amaury Cambuzat (who also plays with the great FAUST), Folksinger Gioele Valenti alias HERSELF and a great recording artist, Toshi Kasai (active on MELVINS), who - in addition to performing - has worked on the production, mixing and mastering of sounds at Sound Of Sirens, Sun Valley, CA.

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