New Punk Music 2016

2016 New Punk Music

What really sets it apart is the humour that is found in verses like "I hate music! Punk & Paste VHS by Il cloro, released February 29, 2016 1. The vacuum sealed cassette can keep the music of this young band fresh forever. The ANGEL DU$T release a new music video for "Let Me Know". I' m getting my influence through hip-hop and spoken word nowadays much more, that's the new punk.

Motta take-all, is his best 2016 record according to Music Box.

Motta, the ace of all Italian skirt. 2016 was his year. Now the insiders who call Music Box every year to express themselves on the Tuscan records also choose the Pisan singer-songwriter, former criminals Joker. His " La fin deei vent'anni " is the Tuscan album of 2016, but not only: Motta also confirms himself in the other categories that play with the Florentine birth, which he likes very much with his ethereal " Borne in the woods ".

The Rock Contest confirms itself as a reference point for independent music: both the band's revelation and the promise of a good development for the future come from this year's edition. The hand logics ("revelation") were the winners with their electronics that used codes and methods that were now historicized to update them with great sensitivity and taste.

The Manitoba ("promise"), a duet of "dreamy old rock", as they call themselves, are also inclined towards electronics, where Giorgia Rossi Monti's far from banal voice follows the experiments of guitarist Filippo Santini, in the sign of a refined and complex pop synthesizer. 2016 was a good year for the Florentine skirt, and the decisions of our jurors bear witness to this.

Alessandro Fiori's visionary and dreamlike singer-songwriter flies high: he signs his masterpiece with "Plancton" (in fact his "Kid-A" says the Arezzo musician reflects on the weight of the project he mentions in Radiohead's history). But the vocal cut of Verdiana Raw, who was nominated for the Tenco Prize with "Whales Know the Route", and also the "political" cliff of Giorgia Del Mese flees.

Pizzul's visionary mixture of football and skirt convinces: Many voices were received for her first record "Pedate" (although they are longtime musicians in the Florentine scene). And then Motta gets even more points live: he has the body build of the famous Rockstars du role, a remarkable gravel, he drives with self-confidence and brilliant musical intelligence on stage.

At the last Rock Contest they convinced the jury and the audience for their sophisticated, crystalline Electronic Pop: Handlogic deserves the award as revelation of the year. And the surprise can only be Florentin Alice Bisi, alias Birthh, for the sensitivity and peculiarity of her musical project.

Stonato by Manu Phl, a performance with a character like Caparezza is no coincidence: it is the dignified recognition of an artistic and musical journey that began in the first zero years in Pisa and came to maturity with the release of this record, played and complex, which expands the details to enlarge the whole.

The revelation is the Florentine Lapo Raggiro with Illumilapo, driven by lysergic yet incredibly flaming variations. The promise: the Leghorn-based crema with Sodaboy: artistic maturity that is attested not only by certain lyrical references that are not generational, but also by the non-trivial choice of producers to work with, which local sound masters prefer.

The 2016 est né dans les bois de Birthh. Bisi releases an albums with a longing melancholy that sounds different than anything you've heard in Italy before, almost a miracle. The revelation of 2016 is Handlogic: very young, but her skirt is already an auteur inspired by high models like Radiohead or James Blake.

A " first-class " music was written, but perhaps it is enough to increase the loudness and enjoy their wonderful record without asking too many questions. Music and the possibility to achieve an impossible result? The Florentine punk band Pizzul has succeeded in doing this and with Pedate has created a powerful conceptual record dedicated to national sports and their myths.

The Italian texts - written by Lucio Tirinnanzi - are complemented by the voice and music of this artist, while the arrangements leave plenty of room for psychedelic and experimental elements. The revelation is Sex Pizzul with Pedate: a mixture of football, post-punk, discotheque music and analog synths that sounds as if Mark Stewart decides to massacre Herb Alpert, or Oneida decides to cut a song from E.L&P.

I Beyond the Garden con Bonfire. Mm-hmm. Your record does not bow to the stream and makes no concessions to clichés: a mixture of Funk, Alt-Rock and electronics, with a high dance potential. Guiseppe BaroneRock Contest Sinnlos umherzugehen, für Feedback und Relevanz: Motta, La finde dei vent'anni è il disco del 2016.

The debut of the same name of the still very young Handlogic sheets, amazed at maturity and accuracy, a project already in the premises "for export": I choose it as revelation of the year. As for the promise of inseparably ex equo Riva, one of the freshest and most danceable projects born recently in Florence, L'Albero or Andrea Mastropietro already have voice and guitar from The Vickers with Oltre sourceoche c' è and The Manitoba, also finalists of the recent Rock Contest.

The beginning of a promising new generation of musicians. Although a vinyl remake, 2016 Acau-La CasiniRock Writer's 2016 album is nostra maraviglia by Gianni Maroccolo in the photo book edition and some titles recorded live in May 2004 at Fabbrica Europe. Revelation, The Flame Parlade with A New Home: disturbing, they jump with ease from cultured folk to rural melodies and rocking guitars.

The promise: the pianist Giulia Mazzoni with Room 2401, who moves between modernism and classicism, between past and present: splinters of modernist sounds that dissolve into a sound landscape that arrives and convinces. As album 2016 I choose Born in the Woods by the Florentine artist Birthh: young and talented Alice Bisi made her debut with a touring through the United States and brought along a valuable album that combines tasteful Folk, Pop and Electronic music.

The unveiling of the year is L'Albero con Oltre sourceo che c'è: Andrea Mastropietro manages to update the Italian tradition of song writing with English. The surprise that points to a great future are the Leghorn The Liebe Theieves with their debut record Soft: The duet of Chiara Lucarelli and Francesco Sorgente rework the dark and cold atmosphere of the New Age 80 with a feeling that is actually very "soft".

DiscorderDj indie album of the year: For me it is undoubtedly Borne In The Woods by the very young Florentine debutante Birthh, who has already performed on international stages: she is a fresh and exciting Dreumpop, with many pieces that form the centre. As a revelation I choose Verdiana Raw with the ambitious but successful second operetta Whales Know The Route (Art-Folk-Pop with references to 4AD and - let's be honest - Kate Bush!).

As a promise for the future another project of just twenty years: Beyond The Garden, already winner of the Rock Contest 2014, now on their debut album with bonfire. Novaradio David DragoNovaradio City Future Disc of the Year is that of Verdiana Raw, Whales know the itinerary that was published by the Florentine pop music Pippola: beauty at a high level, international power, voice, the witch.

The Revelation of 2016: Giorgia del Mese with new post-ideological emotions (Radici Music). Finally, as a promise, I choose Hibou Moyen with Fin donve non si tocc (private rooms). Second album: Sophistication and class between the hills and the sea, and the artistic producer Umberto Maria Giardini makes the sky clear. It' s the absolute disc of the year: New emotions after the ideological von Giorgia Del Mese.

With the careful production by Andrea Franchi, Del Mese creates a small masterpiece of synthesis between singer-songwriter and the sounds of a hard and urban rocker that clearly surpasses the poverty of ideas and sounds of the singer-songwriter by zero years. The Revelation: Lampreda, the first release of the "mysterious" UR productions, offers a surprising mixture of tribal music and the sounds of the suburbs.

The promise: Handlogic with their own eps; the absolute winners of the Rock Contest reinvent the sounds of several electronic traditions with a surprising maturity. The Marco MannucciFirenze Disco Show of the Year: who if not Motta with the end of twenty years. Revelation 2016: Birth. Finally, the promise: Manitoba is the duet that impressed me the most at the last Rock Contest, an indeie that evolves without denying the founding fathers.

The Record of the Year is Fricatism, by Fricat, also known as Joe Antani by Monkeys on Ribbons. It was recorded live with the Wasbridge Philharmonic Orchestra and moves between classical music and classical music. The revelation is backwards with three: Behind this name is Pardo, guitarist and founder of Casino Royale.

The album was released by OOH-sounds, the Florentine record company he founded with Andrea Mi. The promise: Hertz Collision, a Florence based Techno duet released with Losst, a track included in the ep Wrong Methods, goes out to appreciate all their tracks on Spotify. Liulia NutiLes gens de l'année du DISC of the year est The End of Twenty Years of Motta : originell, inspiriert und in der Lage, sich auf der nationalen Szene zu behaupten.

The revelation is Fin tunve non si tocccca di Hibou Moyen, singer-songwriter of rare delicacy. Finally, the promise that makes one guess or at least hope for excellent developments in the future: I choose Le Nuvoule, il Tempo, l'Aurora, the first full length of the singer-songwriter Francesco Biadene from Pistoia, who renounces English in order to successfully turn to the Italian language.

As the Tuscan recording of this year 2016 I choose Plancton by Alessandro Fiori, a masterpiece of electro-aquatic, experimental, dark and deep songwriting. As a revelation I instead call discotheque publication of the outstanding Marco Parente, a veteran of our best form song, which surprises however in its atypical kind of mediation completely: an album, which does not come out in any way, but exists only in the living form.

Finally, among the promises, I am sure that I will welcome Sex Pizzul (a threesome made up of two former King Of The Opera and a former King Of The Nice Guy) on the net with the overwhelming, enchanting mixture of punk and football of the debut pedal. Tuscan Disc of the Year: Alessandro Fiori with Plankton. I choose Fiori because with this record he sends his anomalous singer-songwriter under experimental vibrations that knock at the door of the contemporaneity.

The album revelation of 2016 is for me because they always have the face of Pisas Gatti Mézzi that surprises because they turn out to be authors of sensitive and dynamic songs. Finally the promise: Motta with The End of Twenty. The 2016 L'amore deviation is L' discotheque dell' anno di Nada, because it is difficult that in the year in which a new record of the musician comes out of Livorno there are remarkable things.

The best revelation of the year, which will end soon, is undoubtedly Alessandro Fiori with Plancton and his continuous and intimate musical research, this time dark and electronic. Finally the surprise that turns into the best debut in my choice: Just because of the success that has collected and collects everywhere, starting with the Tenco prize, I choose the former offenders Motta with his record The End of Twenty Years.

Maybe a little obvious, but Motta with her La finite dei vent'anni is the record of the year among Tuscan artists. The Revelation of the Year is The Tree. Behind the nickname hides Andrea Mastropietro, Vickers' voice and guitar, here on his debut album sung in Italian.

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