New Punk Bands 2016

2016 New Punk Bands

garage (1996-2005) with live meetings 2011 and 2016 Punkrock / Hardcore Melodico LATTE+ Punk Rock. " Next To Ruin", title track from the upcoming new album from April 23rd (Phocomelic Music, 2019). Founded in 2014, the group concentrated on proposing their own songs of the punk rock genre. The stylistic landmarks were the famous punk houses of Northern Europe and of course the CBGB in New York. Ticino - Neutral Bombs is a punk rock band founded in Lugano, Switzerland, in 2015.

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Lorenzini Chiara, Felicetti Rita and Chiodi Carlotta, all active in various artistic and expressive fields, imagine a new electric creature in 2014 and from their meeting in Bologna, in the sign of a punk "stubborn" born "Le Hen". A multitude of meanings, between play and serious questions on the questions of "gender", which immediately reveal the intentions of a uncoordinated threesome, without categorisations and labels, driven by the sacred fire of rock'n'roll, the hybrid form par excellence.

Between drama, radio culture, passion for music and an irresistible ironic vision, Chiara, Rita and Carlotta have put together music that is urgent, lashing and disrespectful. Tonight, 10 November 2016, the third round of the Florentine Rock Contest will take place at the Combo Social Club, an opportunity not to be missed, not only to invest in their strength, but also to get to know them up close.

We all live in Bologna, but although it is not a metropolis, we have never met; each of us has an independent education and what united us was the need to want to make music. The story begins with the publication of an announcement by Chiara that she was looking for musicians to form a women's group.

She tried it one by one, so to speak, and talked to Rita about Totta as a nice, eccentric girl who wanted to write original pieces. We share a punk nature, an energy of rocks and crazy songs, but otherwise we are all very different! Rita, you have been working in theatre for many years as an actress, author for research theatre and are also a draughtswoman.

I started making theater because it's a box in which I can put all my toys, and music is a game I play in middle school. The Rita for friends Riot - Wunderkind girl ! Carlotta, for Le Hen you are voice and guitar before you meet your friends, in which contexts you played?

Chiodi Carlotta: I started with guitar lessons with my teacher Paco D'Alcatraz (co-author of many of our songs), with whom we immediately found an understanding and a common passion for the British music of the 60s, especially the Beatles. My love of music has deep roots: I run a programme on Radio Città del Capo (editor's note: Carlotta "La Totta" Chiodi, conducted by Normcore), I have a musical blogs (editor's note: L'unicorner - sounds and curiosities), but guitar and singing have long been an intimate affair for me, perhaps because I'm a little shy despite the appearance.

Lorenzini: He was born by chance: I also studied piano like Rita, but the classical education wasn't really for me, so at the end I followed my instinct and threw myself on the bass in an absolutely liberating way, that's the main instrument of the music styles I prefer, like punk and New Wave.

I played covers for a while, but as soon as I met Rita and Carlotta, I found the ideal ground from which an original project could be born. Taffeta " was born from the direct experience of Totta, an economist who, after several years in an important research laboratory, did not renew her contract; a situation in which many of these times can be reflected.

There is a dimension of feminine punk that is more pleasant to it. Talking about us with reference to the names you mentioned is almost embarrassing, because we are talking about the icons of female punk rocking. Every experience, every fact must have the right atmosphere to be understood: politics, topicality, the state of women and the LGBTQ community are issues that are very close to our hearts at the moment.

Perhaps we would like to go to the stylistically speaking raincoats: As Kim Gordon said: "They were confident enough to be vulnerable and just be themselves, without having to stick to the stereotypes of male punkrock aggressiveness or the erotic sensation of female music". And the extraordinary punk season of the 80s in Bologna is somehow a point of reference for you or just a distant story?

The revolution in language and style was born here: Skiantos created the watershed for groups like Gaz Nevada, Confusional Quartet, Nabat and the legendary RAF Punk by Helena Velena, who produced the first albums of CCCP and Disciplinatha. How important is it for you to play with words, to work on the combinatorial power of words, to bring seriousness into play and to play it into a damn serious business?

What led you to the Rock Contest Fiorentino, and above all, what do you think of such an event as a real antidote to the wear and tear of modern talents? We first came to the Rock Contest to make ourselves known outside of Bologna (where we know many today), then surely for the hope or the illusion to be able to produce our first record with the help of a prize.

But also to understand whether our genre can please or fascinate and to foster an exchange between musicians, critics and experts. Talents are as many showcases as competitions, but the freedom that a competition of skirt music can give is different from that of a talented person where you are often judged as a guinea pig on stage, even in free contempt, without knowing the world behind this act or singer.

Live playing is what interests us the most, because we know and are known for the joy of making music together. Competitions, on the other hand, stimulate, offer constructive prizes and enable artists to get to know each other! He also writes about music and soundtracks.

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