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New Italian mod band from Pordenone, with the jam hit "In the city"! The Scandinavian punk rock, "DEMONS", developed into one of the new bands to watch out for. It' s always inspiring to see new punk bands on stage, the music is constantly regenerating and that's cool! New punk green day explosion. The punk was back on the agenda.

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The " Dämonen " in the late 90's wrote a small chapter in the history of the Rocknrolls, which began with a lightning strike debut for the GEARHEAD Rekords, a kind of Bible at that time for Rocker in the whole world! "DEMONS" - ELECTROCUTION 20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY TOUR! In the early days of the Nordic period in the world of skandinavian invasion, action skirt, garage punk or just skandinavian punk skirt, "DEMONS" appeared as one of the new bands to watch out for.

The Hellacopters and Turbonegro published the 1997 Supershitty to the Max and Ass Cobra records and the expected EMONS release their début singles Electrocute in 1997. This became an underground  hit and was finally recorded by the Hellacopters themselves for a covers on their final release LP "Head Off". Twenty years have gone by and now "DEMONS" will make an "Electrocute" 20-year anniversary tour beginning in Italy.

Also in March 2017 they published the new singles "Kids are Gonna Cry" on Alaska Productions and contributed to the upcoming movie Propulsion Like Hell - Racing with the Devil. Some more albums will be published in the second half of 2017, as well as the collaboration with Jeff Dahl and The Hip Priests.

2017 the bands musical land somewhere between the album " Ance in the Hole " (2008) and " Scarcity Rock " (2010), but with renewed perseverance, courage and fightgeist. Scarcity Rock"'s sinister humor and prickly, blue postpunk meet the smart songwriting and filthy powerful hop of "Ace in the Hole".

As you can hear on their new singles "Kids are Gonna Cry", the sound qualities of the materials the bands are known for are still there. "Demoons " early became an important group on the MIDI 90´s, the Nordic skandinavian skirt with The Hellacopters, Turbonegro and later The Hives. Particularly in the USA, where the group celebrates most of their triumph.

From the beginning until the middle of the 00s "DEMONS" was one of the most important bands on the Gearhead Records album. To describe the group' s musical style, they created the word "punk n´roll". The year 2000 saw "DEMONS" start their frantic tour plan, which was more or less consistent for four years. In this time the album Riot Salvation, Stockholm Slump, the Demonology review and a dual CD compilation named Riot in Japan were published for the Japan doll discarket.

In 2008 Ace in the Hole, "DEMONS", the so far highly praised by critics record was out. Subsequently, the group discussed a possible deals with US supers John Luongo (who worked with Little Steven at the time) and several Swede label's. At about the same moment the Hellacopters published their last record Head Off, which starts with a covers of the first singles "DEMONS", "Electrocute".

It was the turn of the Hellcopters to join the group on their parting trip. "Demoons " always went against the mark and suffered more wounds and contusions than most people. Their punk rocking ideas and D.I.Y. aesthetics have always been more admired than anything else.

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