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Neuer Punk

Read the full text New Punk by Silent Bob feat. Sick Budd from the album New Punk. The rolled up mathematics core of Death and Texas and Heaven and the desolate minimalism of Severed bring American avant-garde and post-punk to the same level. Whether leather or nappa leather, the punk shoe line is determined to attract attention with skirt colors and bold design. And Queer is the new punk, Afferma.

New Punk di Nikola ?ar?evi? / Balcani / aree / Home - Osservatorio Balcani i Caucasus

The opportunity to talk about Nikola ?ar?evi? was the concert at the Teghil Stadium in Lignano Sabbiadoro; summer date with a greedy billboard: Rumatera, Millencolin and Offspring. An evening dedicated to the new punk, with heavy, popular, rock, heavy metals and so on. Rumatera is a punk group from the Venetian region that has been active for ten years; Offspring is one of the most legendary American bands of the 90s, comrades-in-arms of groups like Rancid and Green Day.

And Millencolin is the ensemble that hosts our Nikola, who as a boy meets Erik Ohlsson and Mathias Farm with a shared passion for skateboarding. Offrspring's backside, the group revealed all their ability to hypnotize the audience with an energetic and pulsating tone that was in fact tuned to the atmosphere that the most famous epigones of grunge and British pop balanced out.

The Nikola ?ar?evi? was founded on 9 July 1974 in Orebro - the Swedish centre where Nina Persson, the voice of the popular music group The Cardigans, was born. But his family originally came from Belgrade, when the city belonged to Yugoslavia. They' re together for four years before they move to Sweden for work.

They give birth to three children: Nikola and two older brothers. The first years in Sweden are not so easy. She has a passion for sports, especially skateboarding. But the older brothers strum and it is inevitable that they will come into contact with the first six-string. But the idea is above all to connect with American bands like Misfits, Ramones and Bad Religion.

The Millencolins arrived accordingly in 1992. They have more and more audience and the contact to the Unisound Studios confirms the birth of the first record of the band: Tom Tunes. More than a hundred dates follow in Sweden alone. The second record of'95 is Live on a Plate. Then the contact with Brett Gurewits, guitarist of Bad Religion, who proposes to distribute the record in the USA.

The project was realized and Millencolin made its North American debut in 1996. The fate of the group is marked (five more records will follow), but also Nikola goes her own way. A hard blow for the whole family that Nikola tries to exorcise with music. Lock Sport Rock is his first solo album and contains tracks explicitly dedicated to his brother.

It doesn't have much to do with Millencolin's punk campaign. Yes, a football player, but he too, with Slavic blood, half Croat and half Bosnian, grew up in Sweden as Nikola. The album contains other "oriental" musicians, among them Branko ?ar?evi? and Mieszko Talarczyk, and begins with a very successful song: "Lovetrap".

But it is the whole album that dispels the doubts about an artist who comes from far away, but knows how to write popular songs with great impact, a circumstance that could have happened last night in Lignano when Nikola used acoustics to propose one of his old songs. The second album was released two years later, in 2006.

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