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Classes and courses in music in Rome Tuscolana

The music courses on offer are aimed at everyone, from children between the ages of 6 and 10 to adults. Members have the opportunity to come and practice at our facility FREE of charge by booking the classroom or rehearsal room in advance. Members can also register for special courses such as DJ courses, Canton courses, beats, etc.

The courses, in relation to the different preparation and suitability of the student, include individual lessons on the instrument, theoretical/practical workshops and workshops for joint exercises. Visit our music courses section to find out more about all available courses. The Associazione Cultural Sonora, which has been active for many years in the Lazio region in the field of education and dissemination of musical culture, is organising the second Summer Music Campus in 2019.

Not only is the campsite a moment of intensive teaching for all students, but it is also an important moment of bringing together children of all ages who have the same interest in music. You can find all information about the Summer Musicale 2019 programme on the website.

The school has three professionally equipped rehearsal rooms. To know the instrumentation and the schedules and prices of the rooms, please visit our rehearsal rooms section.

Art2o Academy of Music - La musica in chilave siusta | Roma

The Arte2o Music Academy is a place to experience music in the right way. It is a music school for adults and children, for professionals and amateurs, a rehearsal room, a study and a venue for events. The Arte2o Music Academy is a reality of musical education and practice, composed of young professionals with experience in teaching, concert and organization.

It wants to be the right key in the approach to music that avoids frustration and generates enthusiasm with positive results, both for the amateur and for the professional, trying to correct the existing criticisms in traditional educational approaches.

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