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Spanish Music

It' s a Spanish translation of Italian songs. the supremes Rock And Roll, Musica Soul, Note Musicali, Diana Ross, Celebrità. and his music in Spanish. You can't do anything with the music.

It' s a great way to get to know each other better. Italian Musica

Translate por Kara Hidden - Link Facts Forward love - Nek We have legs to take steps, we find ourselves lost approaching and then we have mouths to give kisses or better say to taste us when a crying gives us a sense of all the evil, maybe I am ready to live I look at you and I know why we are made to love even though we are two arms with a heart you will have with me Facts

Love forward makes love forward We have hands to grasp us, turn together like gears and then we have eyes with which we see, but when you close them, we recognize ourselves as perfect machines miracles of nerves and souls I will not ask you why I hold you and I believe you We are made to love even though we are two arms with one heart.

Translate por Kara Hidden - Link Great Love - The Flight I close my eyes and I think of her the sweet smell of her skin is a voice that takes me to where the sun rises, the words are, but when they are written everything can change without further fear, I want to cry out this great love love,

only love is what I feel, tell me why I think, I think only of you, tell me why, when I see, I see only you, tell me why, when I believe, I believe only in you, great love, tell me that you will never let me know who you breathe in my days of love, tell me that you know that only you will choose me, now you know that you are my only great love.

Italian examples - più la musica - Translation into Spanish

I don't like music anymore. Immediately there was a great silence, I no longer heard the music, and the happy company disappeared in my eyes. Hasta couándo me harás asperar? God likes music more than sermons. We could afford several whirlpools and music both above and below.

They don't do the old countrymusic anymore. I don't hear any more music. Between you and me, Ricky... I didn't even like the music anymore. The hurricane helped the people... in the city to appreciate the music a little more. I walk the streets of New York and I don't listen to music anymore.

I don't think he's worth the music of your relationship any more. Enjoy more music with AB! I can' hear any more music and blood no longer impresses me, on the contrary. All the songs end, Jake, but is that a good reason not to hear the music anymore? Who analyzed more music for television?

The fact is that such a friend, a true friend, you don't meet him anymore if you've only decided to go down on the ground, if you just want to hear something firm under your feet and if you don't hear the music of the gods around you anymore. Sometimes I'm not just in the mood to listen intensely to talk.

The more music you play, the more you can practice pronunciation. There'?s no more music, man. Now he' s not playing any music.

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