Musica en

Muzica en

The Italian translation of the text by Música En Ti sung by Elenco de Soy Luna. Argentine film with Natalia Oreiro and Diego Peretti. Gratuitous para ti! And all my music on my website, free for you! We are the first online radio sequence music with which we have Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Bolero, Balada.


To sit here, on the floor so, in this room to be whitewashed, happy not to ask for more..... Tell me yes, even if there is only one table here as an altar and one bread to share. and let me do more not to go away. with the music on the air, which becomes stronger over the years. In every corner we will make our symbol. that perhaps we cannot avoid, not even in the face, but none of us will get lost.

Just overcoming the carelessness of time, dancing at a slow pace in pairs, with the feeling of being here now, without impurities, with music on the air, stronger over the years. Do it with me. Don't do it with me or I'll die.


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