Musica Cruise Ship

The Musica cruise ship

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MSC Musica Cruise Ship <font color="#ffff00">MSC Cruises <font color="#ff00">Good Journey, Dream Vacations, Da Ships Musica MSC MSC Orchestra MSC Poesia.

MSC cruise ship Mediterranean cruise ships models music with anchor material cast under pressure alloy

MSC Msica brief introduction: The music of the MSC belongs to the Mediterranean cruise companies. The MSC Musica is the first cruise ship built in 2006 and operated by the Mediterranean Cruise Company. The ship has 1268 passenger cabins which can accommodate a double occupancy of 2536 passengers served by 990 team members.

The function of the model of the MSC Msica: 1. high quality of life from the collection of our model. We sentimental life and every inch of land we travel. We will undertake a long journey with waves and winds. With a home to find the simple white space, a striking break of cruise decorating the original plan, there is filled with cheerful atmosphere under the exquisite decoration.

Over time, the display case in the saloon is safe and tells people never to walk and to pay more and more attention to the landscape they have seen through on the luxury cruise ship.

Add one or two such works of art to our house, it is easy for the family atmosphere to become active, our family members are also full of positive energy. 3. Nice decoration originated from the details. We try our best to create exquisite bow patterns. The exquisite and powerful propeller unit, as if a cruise ship were filled with energy.

How to set the cruise ship model: bow 1. A cruise ship should go inwards, not to the door. Put a few coins on the cruise ship, which will allow you to have money in large quantities. About the ship: Please use the cloth to remove it.

2. Prevent too much moisture: Do not place the model in a damp place. Because it is made of wood if the model is hit with moisture and cracks appear. Product detail parameters: Our company produces different models of cruise ships with different sizes according to the needs of the guests, in order to produce different sizes of cruise ships.

Coating material: woodiness, zinc-magnesium alloy, glass fibre reinforced plastics, carbon fibre, ABS, PU composite material. Container material processing: press-fit sculpture, injection molding, ABS-CNC engraving, alloy casting, die casting alloy, single part assembly.

Anchor material: press-fit sculpture, injection molding, CNC engraving, alloy casting, die casting alloy, one-piece assembly. Propeller material: propeller material: propeller material sculpture, injection moulding, CNC engraving, alloy casting, die casting alloy, one-piece assembly.

Base material: solid wood lacquering, composite lacquering, solid wood lacquering texture, acrylic material, lacquer alloy material. Brand material: metal name badge, accident badge, acrylic badge, wooden badge. Packaging mode: blister packaging, packaging box ship model and packaging air box wooden and aluminium foam box (6 airbag side cushions) with special foam box packaging and outer box more.

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