Msc Musica Cruise Ship

The Msc Musica Cruise Ships

Get on board the cruise ship MSC Musica and experience a magical experience of warmth and music that makes every minute of your cruise an unforgettable moment. Find the perfect stock photo of msc music cruise ship in. Musica MSC MSC Orchestra MSC Poesia. Explore ideas about Msc Cruises. Geben Sie jetzt Ihre Hotelbewertung für Kreuzfahrtschiff MSC Musica****** () ein!

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Ointment! I took a cruise with MSC Musica: destination Arab countries. After reading the "mixed" reactions we went without any expectations on this cruise, but we had a great time! Rich breakfast, dinner: hot and very good, food available all day, staff very friendly. Complaining about MSC in general or about this ship probably means expecting the best of the best the cruise has to offer.

The MSC is by no means comparable with other shipping companies. An advantage is to be found also here, one does not pay too much and gets much back. You cannot expect a ********* cruise at MSC prices. For us, the 22nd cruise and the fourth with MSC.

Just enjoy it and don't chase the crowds. People are very much alive in this culture, especially not annoying. This ship is all about luxury, you won't ask for anything. All day long the ship is cleaned, everything is repaired to keep the ship as good as possible. From early in the morning until late at night there is a lot to do.

Everything is well described in the ship's diary, which is kept in your cabin every day. The food is all day long, very tasty and has never found an empty bowl. We had a balcony cabin, which is very worthwhile, I thought personally. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

After 4 days and with the help of a very good receptionist (a blond boy of Northern European origin) the service was provided. For another misunderstanding of the wrong communication and a ticket handed out in the cabin we lost the whole day trip to Santorini and even in this case only in the interest of a very good excursionist (Giuseppe) we were helped with friendliness and professionalism.

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