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Il Tucano MSC Musica lounge pictures, deck pictures, descriptions. Music Psychology (coordinated by Tomaso Vecchi), organized in collaboration with the Neuromusic Network and the Mariani Foundation. That's what you want with the MSC. Support for school music groups for young people. Capture samples directly into MSC and change the speed and pitch of your recordings.

MSC Musica A bayordo : Crociere Isole Greche 2019

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lstruzioni per l'uso | Music Center für PCs

If you are using a WALKMAN that will be on the market until December 2013, you must change the MTP to MSC transfer mode before you can use Music Center for PC. For more information, see the "Transfer music files" column under "WALKMAN®" in the Supported Devices section. If necessary, follow the procedure in "Changing the Transfer Mode" to change the transfer mode.

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