Most Popular Punk Rock Bands

Popular Punk Rock Bands

One of the sweetest, gentlest people I've ever had (Favorite Pins People). Punks of the second and third generation. hard-core punk and other guys. However, most of the songs are good and I enjoyed the album as a whole. Mor(R)ons are a four-piece punk rock band from Kranj.

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There was once a neorealism and the Rome of districts and old villages. The Rome of the Mamma Roma and then the Rome of the Canzoniere del Lazio. Despite all its historical limitations, the great strength of neorealism lay in its ability to describe the proletarian and subclass class without rhetoric or bourgeois falsity.

The first mention of the Muro del Canto, a complex of popular Roman music, leads to these traces, the traces of which go back to the post-war period. A dark and rough voice, deep percussion, powerful bass, guitar, piano and accordion. Not only popular songs played in a modern key, but real new songs by ordinary people.

The themes range from the highest love to the deepest hatred, from eternal conflicts to dark revenge, which lead through more explicit political themes like the corruption of the church or the bombing of San Lorenzo in 1944. Especially, very topical and disturbing are the stories of the narrator's voice sometimes looking out along the disc.

They describe it as the nucleus of tortured Rome, the dark voice that climbs the streets. With L'ammazzasette, the Wall of Singing descends into the heart of the suburbs, gathering fragments of the destroyed ideologies of the new century to contemplate the desolate, lyrical and epic defeat of mankind. The villages that gave way to the new suburbs, the old anger, the black misery, the individualism, the individualism and even more the new Roman proletarian as a result of the rot of the bourgeois guilt.

The wall of singing is a timeless voice, a voice of the people, it is the anthem to the earth, it is the disillusionment and the serenade. It'?s a hard-working song, it's the old lullaby.

Punkrock arsonist from Tuscany to Joshua Blues Club in Albate

Real and funny punk rock on Saturday the 19th on the stage of the Joshua Blues Club in Via Cantoniga 11 in Albate (Co), where the Florentine kerosene is expected. Kerosin was born in October 1995 in the Florentine province and transformed the experience that the three ( guitar and vocals, bass, drums and choirs) already had into a sunny punk rock experience.

After a few months the single "OnliĆ¹" is released on the album We Bastards Motherfuckers (Vol. 1) by Blu Bus Records of Aosta, while the first 7" own production Go! The second 7" is called Super Stereo Race, collects three tracks and is co-produced in 1997 with the Sottosopra by Follonica. In 1998 the Boozer Recordings of Meda (MI) published the collection Blow Out with Historic!, an Italian homage to the Queers, where Kerosene participated with the amazing I Want pussy.

The melodies of the early days alternate with impetuous rides, rough garages sewn by a healthy rock'n'roll spirit; the lyrics are all in Italian and rarely take themselves seriously, telling of everyday neuroses, impossible loves and stories just to have fun. I' m Kerosene Sono: Transcript: Sync: jh26

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