Most Popular Punk Bands

Popular Punk Bands

To call yourself "the most trusted name in the news" is like claiming to be the most. The Punkreas are a Ska/Punk band from Milan, Italy and a Punk band from Slovakia Punkreas from Italy: They are one of the most popular punk bands in Italy. After forming a small DC punk band that was auditioned for Black Flag, he went home, got the gig, jumped in a van and toured the world with one of the big punk rock bands! The Punkreas are a Ska/Punk band from Milan, Italy and a Punk band from Slovakia. The Punkreas are one of the most popular Punk bands in Italy.

Il Disturbo Matricola.

"Sorry The Disorder" is the debut EP of the young Milano based group " Matricola ", a group, which is united by their passion for skirt music and inspired by the sounds of punk and alternate 90s. They try to share life experiences through their music and tell the hard truth that surrounds us. Their aim is also to preserve the expression and style of skirt, which today seems to be overshadowed by other trends of the moment.

Finally they release their first record.

After releasing two singles for Burger Records, they sign with Stardumb Records and give us their full-length début Thin Skin. The Southern California based Long Beach had already shown me what they could do with Ziptripper, but I began to want more, I began to wish for the début that finally came and that I jealously guarded in physical copy.

The introduction of Meled is not an easy task for me, it's a volume you can only understand after listening to when you think you're under the eye or better under the ear, the classic Californian volume of today, I could say you're wrong, because it's not hard to notice that a pinch of raw punk and old schools mixed with fresh and young sounds, spiced with a pinch of healthy apathy that makes Melted's tracks among the most expressive I've heard lately, making them among the most expressive I've heard lately.

They play fast, sparkling, completely, pieces like Most Day, Play Away, the theme song Thin Thin Skin and Wanderlust and Foxtails are the full demonstration. The album is also full of facets that I could almost call garageskirt, so Melted's offer is one of the most comprehensive of the latest releases.

Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by the cover song, heard something already, didn't impress me much, but still remains an excellent production, even though it is surpassed by a low or by the opening song I Always Land Straight On My Face, among other things my favourite song at all, the perfect opening for the record, the perfect calling card for a much grown volume that finally came to a publication that was made and finished, a publication that shouldn't be hard to get into your playlists.

The album was released on March 16, 2018 and received several positive opinions overseas, I thought it was right to draw your attention to it, because if the Californian scene is something that fascinates you and that you undoubtedly want to get to know better, it is a volume that you need to know, because I am sure they will soon join the parade of bands that has recently produced America's most popular punk state.

However, one of those bands that either emotion or emotion each other remain liquefied, location can be no middle way, I personally emotion the kind, emotion the set, emotion the industry of the most flow Californian stripe in head, I emotion Thin Skin as I didn't emotion an book for drawn-out case.

The three of Long Beach seem to be coming to Europe soon for a promotional trip of Thin skin, and I have the unhealthy impression that what they have to offer is better than what I heard on record. Melting after releasing two tapes for Burger Records, they signed to Stardumb Records and eventually published their full-length début, Thin Skin. What a relief!

SoCal' live from Long Beach showed me what you can do with Ziptripper, but I wanted the début record that got there and that I keep jealous in a copy. Imagine melted is not an simple task, they are a volume that you can hear after you have heard them.

You think you're gonna hear the classic California act, you're mistaken. It' s simple to find out their rough old School punk, blended with crisp and young Sonority, spiced with this crazy dislike that makes molten song one of the most powerful I've heard in recent years. Music like Most Day, Stay Away, the theme song Thin skin and Wanderlust and fishtails are full evidence of this.

In any case, the record is full of different aspects that almost tend to garageskirt. Melted therefore provides one of the most comprehensive pieces of musical information we have received in recent years. The other good one is Hell, half acoustical, easy and essentially, a track I didn't expect on this one. Beginning with an indifferent and calm singing, then the guitars explode together with an amazing drumming, and we get a great punkrocking song.

Unfortunately I'm a little frustrated with the cover tracks, it has something I already heard, it's a beautiful tune, but it's not as easy to catch as I expected. It was definitely surpassed by Low or the opening tune I Always Country On My Face, by the way my favourite tune by Thin skin.

Think I Always Land On My Face is the flawless opening for the record, the flawless calling to understand what Melted can do. Thin Skin has the capability to be added to your play list. Published on March 16th and receiving several favourable reviews in the States, I thought it appropriate to draw your notice, because if the California circuit is something that fascinates you, Melted are without question a volume you need to hear.

Even if they are a group that you can either cherish or cherish, nothing is in the center. Given my passion for the art form, the mindset, the California productions, I liked ThinSkins. These three from Long Beach, it seems, will soon be in Europe for a promotion trip for Thin Skin, and I had the mad feeling that they will be a huge success on touring.

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