Most Influential Punk Bands

The most influential punk bands

More ideas about music, post-punk, bands. FOR SOME OF THEIR MIRRORS MIGHT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SOME OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL AND INNOVATIVE. Ipanema Girl", believed to be the second largest recorded song in the history of popular music. Blitz were among the most influential punk bands of all time. One of Britain's most influential and productive songwriters, Shelley is one of the founders of Buzzcock's original punk band.

The Buzzcock's front man, Pete Shelley.

Shelley Pete, singer and co-founder of Howard Devoto of Buzzcocks, died - apparently - of a heart attack at the age of 63. The front man of the punk group died in Estonia, where he lived. Shelley' s death comes about a year after the celebrations for Spiral Scratch, the 7" debut of the British seed formation, which was released on 29 January 1977 on the personal label New Hormones (first edition 1000 copies).

Two years earlier, Shelley and Devoto formed the group to make their debut as a backing sex pistol act in 1976 in Manchester. Shelley was also active as a soloist in the meantime: In the 80' he exchanged guitars with synthesizers, which brought out hits like Telephon Operator and Homosapien.

the singer PETE SHELLEY died, our memory and the farewell of Pearl Jam and Green Day.

He went at the age of 63 to a heart attack, Pete Shelley, front man and co-founder of Howard Devoto of Buzzcocks, a historic Manchester 70s punk rock formation and forerunner of the English scene. We would like to remember with some photos from Daniele Angeli's concert of Pinarella in Barrumba on April 30, 2016: Among the many who remembered Shelley in the last hours were Pearl Jam, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Billy Corgan who remembered how encouraging Buzzcocks were when Smashing Pumpkins opened a few concerts for them at the beginning of their career:

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament wrote: Billy Joe Armstrong comments (Green Day) in his Instagram Account: Rest In Peace Pete Shelley: "Armstrong writes in an article about Instagram. "Both Shelley and Buszcocks had a great influence on the sound of Green Day, punk and alternative skirt in general.

Especially for Armstrong the 1979 single Going Steady was a huge album for me. The " Bobzcocks practically invented a style that would have influenced several generations of lonely and alternative hearts," writes Armstrong.

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