Most Famous Punk Bands

Famous Punk Bands

Legally speaking and made famous by the TV show "How I Met Your Mother". One of the first bands to define Scandinavian hardcore punk. It' always interesting to see where famous bands had their beginnings, so use this list to discover some great Italian music you have never heard before. A group of three friends try to organize a gig for a famous punk band in their small and boring town in Italy. This page was created by those who love hardcore punk in its various forms.

DANA - Cellulite Star

He joined several groups, most recently the Heavy Metal group " Chaos Factory ", with which he has just recorded a record. In the summer of 2015 she was contacted by Claudia Gamba, the guitarist of Cellulite Star, and soon Diana joined her. Ready for the new dates with cellulite, the red-haired drummer is looking forward to playing with one of Italy's most renowned female punk/rock bands.

When Diana was 16, she played in various bands until she joined the heavy metal group " Chaos Factory " with which she had just recorded an LP. Claudia Gamba, guitar player of Cellulite Star, contacted her in 2015 and in a few months Diana became the official percussionist of the group.

Prepared for the new sex shows with the gals, the red-haired percussionist is looking forward to playing with one of Italy's most famous punk/rock all-girl bands.

Adrenalin 101% - Inside the Hardcore Punk

Adrenaline 101% wants to be a simple and immediate guide for those who have heard of this or that group, but in the marasmus of the network cannot get accurate information in a reasonable period of time. For each group in the list there is a page where you can find the logos and a photo of each group, a short description and, for those who want to know more, the homepage links (more or less official).

Rockshows in Italy on Websine

Thanks to NoReason Records (who brought the new record "The Reverenge Of The Fifth" to Italy) we had the opportunity to ask some questions to Steve Rawles, the front man of the group. 2015 didn't start well for ASKING ALEXANDRIA: On January 22nd Danny Worsnop left the group to continue his projects with We Are Harlot.

The boys didn't lose their courage and soon turned to the Ukrainian Denis Alexandrovich Shaforostov, better known as Denis Stoff, former singer of Make Me Famous and Down & Dirty (both from the list of Sumerian Records), who in 2014 made a name for himself on several appearances on ThanksTube and also sang songs from AA.

In May the official announcement about Stoff's entry into the group and immediately after a single and a series of concerts. Before the only date in Milan (October 10th) we wanted to talk to them to see if they are happy with this new way and what we should expect from their next show; we expect the bands to appear very full but read well between the lines (and analyze the new lyrics....), you can still see the resentment on Worsnop.

With the new "Fuel For The Fire" the Dutch punk rocking act Akkelerators made a big step forward. The album, released in Italy on No Reason Records, is definitely one of the most interesting releases of the season in punk music. It turned out to be an interesting couldn't be any different considering that it was a group that could play 50 concerts in 50 days or even 7 times a day!

September 27th, 2011: I am really excited when I go to Pinarella for a great Swedish punk rock night with Millencolin, Twopointeight, but most of all Atlasosing Grip! This surprises me positively; I thought I was with one or at most two members of the group, instead there are all of them: Rodrigo (vocals), Gustav (guitar), Max (guitar), Stefan (bass) and Julian (drums).

From the first moment, very nice and very modest people are shown, qualities that are certainly not common in tapes with a certain thickness, and I have to say that it does him good. In Idrho: 15 approx. When we think of the new generation of European punk music, From Plan To Progress can be seen as one of the most promising realities.

They are inspired by the punkrocks of the 90s, talk a lot about politics in their lyrics and fight a lot. Our journey between the bands of No Reason Records (now our favorite label!) continues: This time we stay in Italy to discover Blake, a group from the province of Brescia that defines itself as a stop between Face To Face and Sea N' Feed....

They are Austrians, but they sing in English, their last record, which was released in Italy by No Reason Records, gets a lot of recognition, their song "Cities Burn" stays at the top since the first listening... here is the interview with Red Lights Flash. One of the most interesting punkrock news of the end of 2009.

Banner Pilot is one of the last bands commissioned by Fat Wreck Chords. The album " Collapser " was released on September 29th, we talked to the two founding members of the band: Neate and Nick about these and other releases. Another punkrockband from Canada, produced by No Reason Records.

On April 26th we went to Rome to meet Steve, the guitarist singer of This Is A Standoff (and ex Belvedere...), shortly before the concert together with two beautiful Italian realities: Actionmen and Jet Market. For those who have remained attached to the early punk, the dirty, rough, acidic are..... Expecting to see them live again in Italy on February 9th [together with Russ Rankin's Only Crime], we went to Prague to meet Tony Sly and talk a bit about what happened to No Use For A Name since our last meeting at Rock In Idro 2005.

Of course you can't say that Nufan is a sitting band: In less than a year they've already come to Europe twice to promote their latest work "The Feel Good Record Of The Year"! Three years after meeting Ishay at Idro we had the opportunity to talk again to the guitarist of Useless Id, the most famous Israeli punk group of all time; the new record "The Lost Broken Bones" recently released by Rude Records in Italy is really a bomb.

A new English punk group ( together for a little over a year!!!!!) that has just released a debut album called "Ways to Escape" after recording a 5-track EP. Thanks to No Reason Records, the label for Italy, we had the opportunity to ask them some questions.....

from the foundation of the group to the European concert which will also affect Italy at the beginning of December. In addition to talking about the new work, a very interesting topic was to take stock of the situation in the current scene, but also to understand how "normal" students who study or work can reconcile their commitments and their private lives with often long and certainly not easy tours.

Both bands just released a new record for No Reason Records; we talked about it (and much more...) with Gustav and Marco. One of the most interesting Italian bands of the moment. After travelling all over Italy (and not only...), the Romans are preparing for an important European trip to present the new record "When Blood Turn Into Stone".

These are A Standoff and Rentokill: two big punk bands who will soon be in Italy to delight us with their sounds at Fulmikoton (especially the common date of April 25th at the Blanko Cafe' in Korsico - Milan). The former are known to most as "ex - Belvedere", while the latter have earned the reputation of being one of the most interesting Austrian bands of our time through their travels throughout Europe.

The curse of the skirt! Interview with Antillectual, a Dutch group that has been moving through the multitude of punk bands for some years now and stands out for its political lyrics and the very hc rhythms of the 90s, albeit with some innovations. From trios to four-piece bands, from punk bands to opening up to other influences... that's what the singer-guitarist of the great The Loved Ones told us.

As good Tuscans we couldn't ignore one of the most interesting realities of the "Grand Duchy": Toscana Punkrock is one of the few valid projects that hold the local punk scene together. Introduced at the last meeting of Faenza's Independent Labels, the collection now offers in its second book an excursion into names known throughout Italy and young bands, "promises" of tomorrow.

Another group found almost by chance on mySpace in search of interesting realities of my region.... Back One Out from Livorno. Three guys who orientate themselves on different punk and rock influences and then recorded their first work Helpless and released it on Ammonia Records/Nerd Sound.

In the afternoon of November 29th we met Travis Miguel, guitarist of the Metal Core band Atreyu. Looking through the different profiles on mySpace I met this Romagna based group....... If you have other examples like this, please tell me the name of the act immediately..... A very interesting interview, in which they really talked about everything.... even about Baglioni!!!!!!!!!

We strongly recommend that you read to both the most loyal supporters and those taking their first steps towards this award-winning group. Two years after the historic date of Satanic Surfers and Venerea in the frame of the Old Fortress within Zelndida, the main components (Rodrigo, finally on drums again, Flygare on vocals and Dana on guitar) of the two bands are back in Livorno under a new name: Enemy Alliance.

Flatliners, the last group to land under Fat Wreck Chords Stall. Read what Chris Cresswell, the band's voice and guitar, told us. Wilhelm Scream: a name that has contributed in recent years to the renewal of the 90s punk melody scene. After long world tours (with several stops in our country) the Nitro Records have released the sequel to the popular "Ruiner": "Career Suicide".

Read what Trevor Rebay, the guitarist, told us with a few jokes. A few short questions to Sascha, guitarist of the Mad Caddies. They have just travelled through Italy for a single date in the Rock Planet of Pinarella di Cervia to introduce the new record "Keep It Going", which of course will be released by Fat Wreck Chords.

A few questions to the Duff of Cosenza, one of the best Italian examples of bands that continue to believe in punk hard-core melody without thinking of fashion and grow, date by date, the name of their group. We asked a few questions to Keith, the voice of Movies With Heroes, an American group that has all the ingredients to make a difference in the global music scene.

We talked about the new record "Nothing Here Is Perfect", about the next European trip (which she will also see in Italy), about music tastes and much more..... Sun Eats Hours is one of the most famous punk bands in Italy and abroad. A few months after the release of this split we talked to the "Lore", singer and guitarist of the group, to talk about this record, but also about the current state of the music in Italy and not only.....

Evenings in which live music turns into a disco with a different and more European flair, which also looks at emerging genres and realities, enriched by the inevitable video projections and interactions. A few questions (but useful to understand how the new record was born) to a feverish Jesse Lacey, on the afternoon of January 27 at the Rainbow in Milan, while the expectation of participating in the only Italian date of Brand New grew.

We continue with another group from our house: P.N.C. Prodotto Non Conforme, a punk group from Lucca who promote their latest work "Il Tempo of the Mele". All four components (Lercio, Pespo, Urus and Jack) are available to answer these 10 questions, which will allow you to get to know an interesting volume with great potential better.

A few questions to Mickey Kills Sushi, a young and promising group from the province of Levorno who is working hard to promote the best "Be A Part Of The Gang", the debut CD released a few months ago. Here's the interview with None Of Us, a Catanesian crossover/Indie-Rockband, who just released "Further Hanginâ Menace" a few months ago, their debut album released on Nerd Sound Records.

We interviewed Dominik, voice of Dufresne, an excellent Venetian group working hard to emerge from the multitude of Italian "Alternative Rock" bands..... After several dates all over Europe and more than 20 concerts with Linea 77, the Bel Paeese will be the only Bel Pae in the Italian date of the Taste Of Chaos tour.

After our experience with the Rock In Idro we interviewed Johnny, singer and guitarist of a new group, The New Story, which is well known at home and abroad. Tim McIlrath, singer of one of the most popular punk bands in recent years, punkrock Rise Against, presented himself in the background of a series of extraordinary albums, from "Revolution Per Minute" to the latest "The Sufferer & The Witness", in the background of rock in Idro 2006.

Pleasantly surprised by the great performance at Rock In Idro, we interviewed Franz, singer and guitarist of Evangeline, a Roman group that is making a name for itself on the national scene and not just..... On the second day of Rock In Idro 2006 we met Chad Istvan and Robert Ehrenbrand, guitar and bass of BoySetsFire, on their last date in Italy before the breakup.

On the first day of Rock In Idro 2006 we had the opportunity to interview Ludwig Dahlberg, drummer of the (International) Noise Conspiracy. During the Flame Fest 2006 in Estragon in Bologna we had a conversation with Mike Spreitzer, guitarist of DevilDriver. Roadrunner, which includes the legendary Dez Fafara (former coal chamber), was one of the best bands of the day.

Fat Wreck Chords (a new group with members from One Man Army and Western Addiction) recently released their first record called "Cuban Ballerina"; Chamonix explained some things to us, including why this strange title! At the end of September the group will be back in Italy to take part in the Hell On Earth Festival in Pinarella di Cervia (26 September - Ravenna) and to play in the live club of Trezzo sull'Adda (27 September - Milan) with Johnny Truant.

On the last day of Gods Of Metal 2006 we boarded the Soulfly Tourbus to meet Bobby Burns, the band's legendary bassist under the direction of Max Cavalera. An interesting interview with Brett Rasmussen, bassist of Ignite, on the afternoon of the first Italian date 2006 in Rosignano (Livorno). Many themes are covered: from the difficult times of the group to the songs of "Our Darkest Days", the last work they promote with this touring.

A meeting that unfortunately didn't have the full participation of those present (many non-journalists...) and that on the contrary showed everyone the excellent mood of the three members of one of the greatest heavymetal bands of all time despite their age! During the interview with Travis, the guitarist of From First To Last, Charlie had a great opportunity: to get on the coach and interview Wes Borland!

The former Limp Bizkit guitarist is currently on the road with the young bass player Epitaph-Band. Accompanied by Giamma from Radio Sherwood (see http://www.sherwood. tour), Charlie entered the dressing room to interview Roy Mayorga, former Soulfly drummer and Stone Sour newcomer; few opportunities to talk about the new record and the beginnings of this group, but definitely an interview more than pleasant.

Interview with Sam Turner - voice and guitar from Tribute To Nothing, an English post-punk Destiny Records group who recently visited Italy to record the new How Many Time Did We Live? disc. Guitarist Doug Weber answers questions in a hurry and is not too convincing.

Too bad for the group, because such behaviour is not the best way to get promoted... heh. On a beautiful sunny day, outside the new tarragon in Bologna, we met Dan (guitarist), to whom Efrem (singer) from Death By Stereo was added. We reached Backyard Babies by phone, in Germany, in the middle of her European trip, which she will see in Italy at the end of May (24-25-26) together with Supagroup and Trashlight Vision for three dates (Turin, Treviso and Milan).

As Donald (vocals and guitar) and Trevor (drums - class 84.... what envy! -) waited for dinner, they also talked about the group. A few hours before the date of bologna, together with No Use For A Name and Versus The World, we had a conversation with Brendan Kelly and Chris McCaughan, bassist and guitarist (and voices) of Lawrence Arms.

Shortly after the sound check of the group we meet the guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers, with whom we talked briefly about their new record and about Fear Factory in general; all spiced up by him with a nice example of an unavailable attitude (can I say âscazzatissimoâ???). A few questions to Chon, singer of Love Equals Death, new group from Fat Wreck Chords who just released the first full-length "Nightmerica", a nice CD that won't disappoint punk lovers... a mixture of AFI, Alkaline Trio and also a little 80s....

Not even a year later we met Russ Rankin again and this time we talked about the bands for which all lovers of melodic hardcore started to appreciate him... Good Riddance. Notre Dame: Despite the fact that this metal/horror act was disbanded in 2004 (on Halloween...), a recent record of a historic concert in Gotheborg in the night from 1999 to 2000 has just been released.... we talked about it with Snowy shaw, vocalist of the act and the famous drummer of famous metals with backgrounds in bands like King Diamond, Merciful Fate and Memento Mori.

Loved Ones: new and remarkable punkrockband from Fat Wreck Stall, arrives after a not bad EP with a real full length with the title "Keep Your Heart". Let's hear what Dave, singer/guitarist of the group, has to say..... He proved to be an extremely good-natured, nice and helpful character, with whom I had a conversation, in which he told me a little bit more about his group and those four years when they were away from the stages.

When I arrived at the Rainbow in the late afternoon, I met Rob Fusco, a nice (and occasionally sleepy) singer of the group, with whom I had a conversation about the group and what was changing in the New York scene where they grew up. Interview with Ufomammut, an Italian group offering a mixture of hard rock and psychedelia, all with a touch of electronics.

From the new (and unusual) remake of Shingo Asari's Japanese record to discussions about the band's presence to support American troops in Iraq. A conversation with Bryan alias âPapillonâ Kienlen, bassist of Bouncing Souls, a punk pop group known for their attitude. A special interview in which you could remember Derrick Plourde, the former drummer of the group, who committed suicide in January and to whom the whole record was dedicated.

The release of the collection "Weaselmania" gave us the opportunity to interview one of the historical characters of real punk rock: Ben Weasel. On the first day of rock in Idro we met Ishay Berger, guitarist of USELESS ID. On the second day of Rocks In Idro we met Spike Slawson, vocalist of ME FIRST & THE GIMME GIMMES and member of SWINGIN' AUTTERS.

Just hours before the Milan date on the C-Side we met LARZON and MATHIAS from MILLENCOLIN, one of the European punk rock bands that is very popular with children all over the world! An interesting interview with a great group. We interviewed for you JAKE, guitarist of STUNG OUT, the leading FAT WRECK Choirs group, several months after the release of "Exile in Oblivion".....

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