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Punk Rock, Synthie Punk. One year after that, dedicated to writing songs and playing games. A Banksy picture called "Modern Love" really sums it up. Several songs on it were actually written five years earlier. In VinileSeattle WashingtonPop PunkStratiMedicina.

Testi Album: Maranatha! Musik - Top 50 Modern Adoration Songs 2017

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Contemporary dancing

Not bad that the second studio LP of TRAAMS, the post-punk Chichester band in the county of West Sussex, UK, was founded in September 2011 and that after the debut album "Grin" (2013) with this second chapter the English alternative scene has literally stormed to get important feedback and prepare for what will surely be the so-called "Big Leap" in the near future.

"Modern Dancing", recorded and produced by MJ of Hookworms at Suburban Hoome Studios in Leeds, was released in November 2015 via FatCat Records and offers convincing sounds and that, starting from a certain post-punk sound, typical British moments of the US subculture of the 90s will be reworked in a new dimension that works both in terms of sound strength and in terms of easy-to-hear sounds that can be recorded immediately by the listener.

Among the proposals which directly recall the typical Pavement sounds and attitudes ("Sister", "Neckbrace", "Car Song", "Bite Mark") and in particular a certain post-hardcore which has become fashionable in Great Britain and which takes up the garage rocking revivalism of Interpol and Editors ("Costner Drone"), "and the swirling bass rounds of This Heat and Wired's Hypnose ("Modern Dancing", "Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme (Love)").

Modern Dancing" is certainly the most typical example of what the encounter - at this moment in the history of British music - can be between the anger of the various Sleaford mods, idles, Gnod, Arrows Of Love and the restoration of the tradition that stretches from the eighties to the present.

A record from this important point of view, just waiting for the sequel to understand exactly what we are talking about.

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